Zak Global Services: Pioneering The Facility Management Services Industry With Cutting-Edge Processes

Dr. Pushpendra Singh,   Executive Director

Dr. Pushpendra Singh

Executive Director

The market for facility management services worldwide, which was estimated to be worth $1253.30 billion in 2020, is expected to expand to $2525.10 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 7.1 percent between 2021 and 2030. The size of the world market for facility management services is expanding as a result of rising industrialization and urbanization. Urbanization growth spurs commercialization growth, which further prompts the need for more productivity and lower upkeep in various business offices. Additionally, the desire for further money to be spent on architecture, especially various giant undertakings, is rising due to the surge in necessity for both residential and non-residential structures.

The value of the building is increased by facility management services' provision of maintenance assistance options. Services for facility management help owners achieve their operational and financial goals. Applications for security, plumbing, landscaping, electrical fixes, and cleaning are among the services offered. A major player within this industry is ZAK Global Services. Incorporated in 2015, ZAK Global Services is one of the fastest growing companies.

Vision & Commitment
ZAK Global Services is an ISO 14001:2015 Certified firm with a vision to provide superior quality services to its patrons, which will further enable it to emerge as a leader in the domain of facilities management services. The firm is committed to providing complete end-to-end solutions to every customer. "Zak Global endeavors to bring the best environmental, pottering patient care services and to provide the industry's best solutions and standards to its customers through innovation, commitment, quality, and compliance as a complete end to end facility management solutions service partner", says Dr. Pushpendra Singh-Executive Director.

While the need for facilities management services has always been highly sought after, the industry has experienced a tumultuous time in the recent past. Similar to other industries, the COVID pandemic took a toll on the facility management services industry as well. Due to limitations on shuttering commercial and institutional premises, the industry for facilities management services became impeded during this period. The industry also suffered from prohibitions on public occasions and social activities.

However, despite the challenges thrown by the pandemic, the facilities management industry has started to pick up pace as facilities that have been kept shut down for two years are now requiring expert assistance to get things back on track. ZAK Global Services is leveraging this requirement to emerge as the industry leader by establishing a reputation for top-notch quality of services provided by experts with significant experience.

The abundance of opportunities as a result of the maturing Indian markets, the demand for improved safety, comfort, and professional maintenance of assets is fueling ZAK to up its game every single day. Today, the increment in the presence of MNCs, both Indian and global, across various domains and industries, is acting as a driving force for the growing demand for facilities management services. For instance, the IT sector, which has witnessed an unprecedented boom since the pandemic, demands for more personalized solutions. Other emerging industries, including healthcare and retail infrastructure, are anticipated to further drive the demand for these services.
Range of Services
Founded, created, and directed by medical practitioners, IFM industry experts, microbiologists, quality managers, medical administrators, and subject matter experts, Zak is a facility management company that also excels in unified facility management and healthcare. With more than 400 team members recruited and over 4000 people under employment, ZAK supports and main tains a 5 million plus sq ft territory, more than two multispecialty healthcare facilities, and other assets.

ZAK provides productivity based core competencies with holistic IFM and affordable healthcare HFM services for maintaining offices, residences, production units, marketplaces, commercial properties, and healthcare services and organizations. Providing complete value for every dollar spent by the client, ZAK implements alterations to client properties in accordance with international best practices to align its output with international building codes and standards.

In its journey so far, ZAK has been able to achieve its targets by integrating technology into its services like infection control programs for the healthcare sector, green concepts for the education sector, and productivity improvement programs.

"ZAK Global Services is fully equipped and capable of handling projects independently, operating in the fields of Integrated FM Industries, R& M activity, Space Management, Payroll Management, Supply Management, Information Technology, Infrastructure, Turn Key projects and Allied Services. The manpower provided undergoes specialized training under the supervision of a senior training executive", adds Dr. Pushpendra.

The firm implements AI based monitoring systems which, in collaboration with specially designed intelligent cleaning programs like season based cleaning agents,utilized based on the advice of subject matter experts.

Addressing client concerns around the facilities management services, which commonly revolve around delayed response from the support teams, inconsistency in the customer experience, unavailability of the support teams, subpar quality of the services provided, unwillingness to provide proper solutions, a severe lack of knowledge or experience from the support team and service providers, an unnecessarily complex process of availing services, and rude behavior of the customer support personnel, ZAK is focused on polishing every aspect of its services. Their commitment to providing the best does not just extend to the services but to the whole experience that a client has.

In order to effectively address these issues, ZAK takes proactive measures that enable its team to deliver outcomes as expected. Furthermore, the team also works with specialized and variable resources, integrating them in its training and developmental initiatives to promote consistency of results by leveraging tools that have been specially designed to improve efficiency. ZAK also implements MIS/MOM/ and review meetings, which also cover its KPIs, with the larger goal of ensuring customer satisfaction. Regulatory Compliance, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG), Risk Management, and Cost Reduction are other business objectives which are constantly updated by ZAK Global Services' team of dedicated employees.

Future Roadmap
Over the years, ZAK has established itself as a one stop solutions provider, offering technology based solutions. Their offerings of real time solutions updates and checks, in addition to the consolidated reports which are automatically produced, are added advantages on which the firm prides itself. Furthermore, “What sets ZAK Global Services apart is our eagerness to take real time customer feedback, experiment with new solutions, and come up with the best resolutions for all issues commonly faced by clients within this arena”, further adds Dr. Pushpendra.

Taking all the customer feedback into account, the firm has also incorporated an environment of making positive changes that ultimately align with the customer's expectations. ZAK's clients also stand to benefit from the tech based resolution processes like online complaint ticket trackers, smart waste disposal trackers, and cost saving as well as time saving hassle free process implementations. ZAK's reliable customer support services coupled with its continuous supply of services and excellent after sales services have garnered a respectable position for the firm in the industry.

Dedicated to maintaining its stream of superior services, ZAK Global Services aspires to continue investing in and integrating the latest technological advancements into its processes while also designing more customized solutions for every client. The firm also aspires to expand its geographical footprint in the near future as it gears up to become the industry leader.