Zekko Tech: A Primary Enterprise Telecom/ IT / Automation Solutions Provider

Chandrasekaran Iyer,CMDFounded by a group of like-minded professionals having vast and varied experiences in the areas of Telecommunication (Infrastructure and Mobility), Industrial Automation, Smart Cities solutions, Zekko Tech Private Limited came into being to help grow the vision of Digital India and Smart India Revo- lution. An Enterprise, Telecom, IT & Automation development company, Zekko Tech has carved a niche for itself in all sectors of the Indian and other potential markets.

Understanding the overall requirements, the company targets large and MSME Companies, Smart cities etc.. and others specifically and provides them cost-effective solutions that allow established and emerging businesses to compete in product and service levels. “We at Zekko Tech strongly believe that “Challenges are Opportunities”. To stay ahead of shrinking spend from the customers, we offer our customers end to end solutions with value added products which takes care of the future expansions and benefits to the customers,”speaks Mr. Maliachamy.
The Journey
The ideation of Zekko Tech originated when Mr. Chandrasekaran Iyer, CMD,with over two decades of handson experience in the field of telecommunication and expertise in R&D decided to venture out to synergize with the India’s growth path of Digitalization and embrace technology in the field of choice. “As we are aware that IoT is the future, we pitched in our expertise to help grow the digitalization and IoT era in India,” he mentions.

"An Enterprise, Telecom, IT & Automation development and marketing company, Zekko Tech has carved a niche for itself in all sectors of the Indian and other potential markets"

After setting up the basic infrastructure and getting everything in place,Zekko Tech finally began its complete operations in 2018. At the start there were initial hiccups related to seed funding for the execution of orders, but with constant dedication and focus, the company started yielding results soon.

As a start-up, Zekko Tech’s entrepreneurial capability is utilized at every stage and majority of its products and services are innovative and customized. Over the years, the company has geared up to innovate and integrate apt solutions for the current and future Telecom technology and also helpcompanies to embrace digitalization of services from a Analog to Digital. “Currently our major clients are Telecom Service Providers Operators, BPOs,Call centre,IT Companies who uses our
integrated solutions to embrace the latest digitalization,”he avers.

The Growth Story
Zekko Tech since inception has shown enormous growth potential and with that confidence the company has been able to double its revenue in the very first year of operations. “We stand confident that the projects and the products in the pipeline will head towards 500 per- cent growth path in next 5 years with an aggressive 100 percent year on year growth,” he mentions.

Team Zekko Tech is optimistic about acquiring full support from the State and Central Government policies as it fully supports government initiatives like Digital India and Make in India. Going further, the team has plans to move a step forward in all three-core segment of Telecom, Automation and Infra structure sectors.“In the telecom sector, we will provide solutions to the customers and move the analog solution to digital solution. In the Industrial sector, advancement to- wards the IoT will be our prime focus. In the infrastructure sector, we are working with leading experts to develop indigenous product for Smart cities, Residential complexes, Commercial premises in the area of EV and Go-Green solutions,”he concludes.

With experienced hands, team Zekko Tech is ready to travel that extra mile to deliver the most innovative and, cost-effective solution and help to integrate appropriate product solutions, which are for long term. both in terms of product and service.