Zen Education And Learning: Building The Education And Learning Sector With Strength & Grace

Dinesh Kumar, Himanshu Srivastava, Kunal Pathak, and Gaurav Binani,   PartnersEngineering and medical entrance examinations, in India, are one of the toughest in the world. Getting a good ranking or even getting through the test calls for months of intensive preparation. Although several institutes offer to coach, very few offer the personal attention required by the students. Zen Education and Learning is an institute that offers not only the best coaching but also personalized attention.

Established in 2016, and headquartered in Mumbai, Zen Education And Learning (ZEAL) is one of the most trusted destinations for IIT JEE/NEET coaching. Dinesh Kumar, Himanshu Srivastava, Kunal Pathak, and Gaurav Binani are the partners and key personnel of the company. They are professionally qualified and have more than a decade of teaching experience. ZEAL has about 40 highly qualified teachers with most of them being IITians and doctors. ZEAL was started with two branches and 50 students. Currently, there are six branches with more than 1000 students.

The pandemic confined education to the online mode and ZEAL easily adapted to the new system. Post pandemic, offline classes were resumed but several students could not attend classes due to various reasons. ZEAL, then introduced the hybrid system of education, where a student had the option of attending a regular or an online class. Lectures were streamed, with recordings made available on the institute’s app. The effort of the institute, during and after the pandemic, was well appreciated. Currently,
ZEAL conducts classes through online, hybrid, and offline modes.

Comprehensive Coverage
ZEAL conducts coaching classes for engineering and medical entrance examinations. It also conducts foundation courses for classes 7-10, and crash courses for JEE main and advanced examinations. The courses help students tackle IIT, NIIT, BIT, IIIT, AIIMS, and other medical colleges entrance examinations.

ZEAL conducts mock tests for various examinations such as JEE, CET, BITSAT, and NEET. Foundation courses help students appear for examinations such as NTSE, RMO, and KVPY. Special sessions are conducted for KVPY and Olympiads. Students are provided rankings to enable them to understand the depth of competition. The courses include live online/offline lectures, practice, and doubt-solving sessions, mock tests and assignments, fun workshops, attendance management, and sessions with teachers for hybrid and offline modes of learners.

Zen education & learning is An institute That offers not Only the best Coaching but Also personalized Attention

ZEAL provides scholarships to meritorious students. Scholarships range between 25% and 100% depending on the student’s performance in the board examination and ZEST, a test conducted for the purpose. ZEAL also provides direct admission to students scoring 90% and above in the Xth board examinations. Students generally prefer offline coaching and online studies are more out of compulsion. Several organizations offer exclusive online learning tools, but students cannot rely only on such tools. They can only support regular education. Offline teaching makes technology more effective, interesting, and powerful.

ZEAL makes extensive use of technology to obtain the best results. ZEAL utilizes smart digital display boards and the lectures are streamed. It has an interactive app with a student portal. online systems help assess students' performance concerning score, time taken, and ranking. Concerted efforts are made to familiarize the students with the competitive environment.

ZEAL plans to expand its services to schools. The institute, in consultation with school management, plans to conduct sessions, quizzes, and competitions during school hours thus augmenting regular education. It plans to take up chemistry and mathematics leaving the other subjects to the school teachers. Wherever schools do not respond positively, ZEAL plans to set up centers for outside students. In addition, ZEAL plans to open three new coaching centers every year. With the competition for admission to premium institutes getting tougher, specialized coaching institutes can look forward to a bright future.