Zendrive: Leveraging Technology Solutions to Improve Road Safety

Pankaj Risbood, Co-Founder
Pankaj Risbood, Co-Founder

A company saves lives of people on the road through technology. How did they do it? The answer to this leads us to San Francisco based Zendrive,a creative tech start-up that uses a large amount of data and analytics to predict road risks, reduce collisions, and analyze drivers’ behavior with the help of existing infrastructure in the transportation and mobility, fuelled by smartphones. The company has analyzed 150-billion-miles of driving data to save lives and money for fleets, insurers, and customers.

In other words, it has built a first of its kind AI-powered technology platform that can be integrated to any applications which churns the data to give fleet businesses, automobile companies, insurance firms and drivers actionable insights that happens to the vehicles, drivers behaviour on the road, and ensures smooth, safe, reliable and uninterrupted drive.

Pankaj Risbood, Co-Founder, Zendrive says,“From analyzing
the fuel efficiency of the vehicle to understanding the behavior of the driver to providing immediate roadside assistance to sending automated alerts to the hospitals in case of accidents, our technology has truly revolutionized the transportation and mobility ecosystem and is helping save many lives.”

"Zendrive has analyzed 150-billion-miles of driving data to save lives and money for fleets, insurers, and customers"

Better Insights, No Hardware
The transportation system is evolving with each passing day, and consumers are now more inclined towards on-demand and shared ride services. Looking at all the developments, it becomes imperative for the shared fleet companies to address road safety more than ever. Coming to the rescue, Zendrive through its state-of-the-art technology platform leverages mobile sensor data to provide actionable insights that improve safety for all road users worldwide.

Founded in 2013, the company over the years has had a successful journey in providing impactful services to its clients. Zendrive has partnered with some of the pioneers in the industry like BMW, GasBuddy, HopSkipDrive, KidzJET, Onfleet, Safemotors, Shuddle, URGENTLY and more.“Zendrive provides new insights on driver behavior that
helps us improve the safety and efficiency for our fleets,”commentsThomas Bachant,Co-founder & CTO,Dashride.

Road Ahead for Zendrive
With the software and data analytics team continuously monitoring the product setting in Bangalore office, Zendrive has expanded its wings to other geographies. With its primary market in the US, the company is currently present in Europe, Africa, and ASEAN countries as well. Pankaj mentions,“Today, our technology is present in tens of millions of smartphones across the globe. The question is how we get from 100 million to billions of devices, and that’s when we will have a larger impact.”

Re-thinking a Trillion dollar industry while making driving safer and fleets more efficient,Jonathan Matus, Founder & CEO, Zendrive is optimistic about the future of the company. He says, “Today, we are well placed in the market not because of our unique positioning with mobile devices but for our multitude of data assets that we have accumulated over the years, which gives us a competitive edge over others. In the coming years, we will remain ubiquitous in the space, where our products and platform is going to change the world and save lives.”