Zenzi: Redefining Drinking Habits with Flavoured Sparkling Water

Aman Rastogi,   Founder and CEO

Aman Rastogi

Founder and CEO

In a digitally industrialized world where health has undoubtedly taken a back seat due to a loss of touch with nature, Zenzi remains loyal to its Latin term, which means ‘to grow’. Zenzi is India's first fruit and botanically infused sparkling water brand that aspires to help people live healthier lives in tandem with nature. Today, living a healthy lifestyle is imperative, and Zenzi is the perfect alternative for typically sugar loaded unhealthy soft drinks and juices. Zenzi, which contains no calories, sugaror sodium, adds a refreshing and delightful touch to the simple habit of drinking water. “With the increasing prevalence of diabetes in the Indian population, I knew that a healthy alternative to soft drinks was desperately needed. There was an opportunity to create a locally flavored sparkling water company and that’s how Zenzi was born”, explains Aman Rastogi, Founder & CEO, Zenzi.

It’s no coincidence that the mantra ‘growing together with nature’ aligns with Zenzi in its totality. The brand represents the possibility of making conscious, healthy decisions for a better life and future. Zenzi is 100% vegan and comes in a range of premium flavour blends like Lime Ginger, Watermelon Mint, Lychee Rose, and Mango Hibiscus. These expertly crafted flavours pair well with cocktails and mocktails too. Recently, the firm has also launched its Zen pack, an assorted pack of 4 or 12 flavourful waters. The brand's products are made in recyclable PET bottles, with a distinct emphasis on sustainability.
Zenzi transports customers to a guilt free ambiance that rejuvenates them and allows them to mindfully enjoy a calm moment in the midst of a hectic day, knowing that they've chosen a healthy and socially responsible choice. The brand's ambitious path begins with putting health and wellness first and giving back to the community. It strives to offer clean water and improved sanitation for the underprivileged, hence 1% of sales is donated to initiatives that support these causes. Zenzi's sole purpose is to bring every person closer to nature and one another thus, Zenzi's motto is, “Together,let’s Zenzify the world!”

Zenzi transports customers to a guilt free ambiance that rejuvenates them and allows them to mindfully enjoy a calm moment in the midst of a hectic day

Aman Rastogi has only scratched the surface with his upscaling tenacity and vision by launching India's first sparkling water flavored with distinct fruit and botanical combinations during the global pandemic. Aman, who was born, reared and educated in the United States, followed a fairly traditional path in his education and career. After pursuing his business degree at the University of California, Irvine, he worked as an Audiovisual Consultant for Arup, a design and engineering firm, for several years. Working with the determination of gaining success and delivering an exceptional customer experience to eminent clients including Netflix, Microsoft, and Amazon Aman was selected for a global rotation that brought him to Australia, Singapore, and finally, India.

In course of one of his travelling endeavours to India in 2019, Aman observed a paucity of affordable flavorful sparkling water while also witnessing a community with high levels of diabetes. Aman couldn't help but throw his hat into this largely untapped field. Hence, it marked the onset of Zenzi, a brand with ambitious goals to offer a healthy alternative to sugar laden soft drinks and juices, as well as to develop an affordable and flavorful sparkling water brand that brings people together to alleviate the underprivileged.

While this might be Aman's first foray into entrepreneurship, he brings with him an unrivaled enthusiasm, a clear vision, and the confidence necessary to ensure Zenzi's success. Putting health and wellness first and giving back to the community is just the beginning. He will, no doubt, continue to pour his heart and soul into this venture. Aman’s vision is to bring every individual closer to nature and each other and Zenzi is the conduit to make that dream a reality.