Zerico Lifesciences: The Dynamic Pharmaceutical Company

Sachin Shukla, Managing Director

Sachin Shukla

Managing Director

Pharmaceutical sector is one of the driving forces of the healthcare industry where the innovations are solely dedicated to the well being of humans. The urban life is in a way dependent of medicines and who will know it better than a veteran. Sachin Shukla has an extensive experience of 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry and is well versed with all the aspects of this sector. The knowledge inspired him to start a company dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector that wants to market innovative and quality products that are cost-effective and accessible to everyone. “Zerico Lifescience's vision is to enhance the quality of life of patients by focusing on better health outcomes through our products. With our motivated employees, we will keep raising the standards of our performance in all spheres of activities so as to generate more value for all the Customers”, says Sachin Shukla, Managing Director, Zerico Lifesciences.

Overcoming the Obstacles
Mr. Shukla is of the opinion that the major challenges of the pharmaceutical industry is arranging the finance and working out shoe string budgets.
It also includes sourcing products from manufacturers’ understanding all the aspects of running a business as the founders are not from business background. Another challenge that struck Zerico was to acquire talented people and retain them.

Zerico Lifesciences has crossed revenueof INR 14.35 Cr in the financial of 2018-19 and is growing at a considerable percentage Year on Year since its inception in 2013

The company has launched products which are used in the treatment of common diseases in India at very affordable prices. The USP is the freedom of operation, trust based approach and no paper work. The approach has helped the organisation to be perceived as humane. The company is positioned as employee friendly, customer oriented and result driven organisation. “Our products have found immediate acceptance by practicing doctors both in India and abroad. At present, 70 products are spread all over India and over more than 20 countries around the world. As one of the fast growing pharmaceutical companies in India, we are backed by a dedicated team of over 200 professionals, who are well trained in every aspect of pharmaceutical Industry”, states Mr. Shukla.

Growth and what lies ahead
Zerico has launched many unique products including an innovative product for the treatment of PCOS, a major lifestyle disease affecting women and got it manufactured from Akums Pharmaceuticals the largest manufacturer in the country ensuring unique and quality product catering to the need of the masses. The company generally gets its products manufactured from WHO GMP approved plants only. It has crossed revenue of INR 14.35 Cr in the financial of 2018-19 and is growing at a considerable percentage Year on Year since its inception in 2013. Expressing the good will and the future ahead for the company, Mr. Sachin Shukla concludes, “We work regularly in the field meeting our important customers. We meet and discuss different aspects of our strategies, success stories and the action plans. We have team with 15 to 20 years of Domain experience having excellent successful track record in their previous assignments which ensures expected results. We have plans to create more specialty divisions to strengthen our presence in other specialties. Also, we wish to expand the team size to 500 in next 3 years’ time.”