Zero Creation: Bringing Brand to Life

Gaurang Lotia,FounderGaurang Lotia, during his tenure at some of the top companies in India learnt the essentials about various marketing functions. Few months into it and his job was converted into his passion. There was a constant trigger of ideas to the point where he would creatively analyze advertisements with an eye of a brand guy. Working there as a part of the IMC team, Lotia realized what his true calling was.“I was no more just a layman to the branding world and thus a vision began shaping up in my mind. I wanted to put that energy and those ideas into something more fulfilling. I quit the corporate world after 8 years and with whatever little money I had saved up from my salaries, Zero Creations was born,” he says.

Lotia was always passionate about advertising. As a marketing student, he was quite inspired by the work of ad-man Piyush Pandey. When Zero Creation began functioning, Lotia’s friends were his clients. He along with one graphic designer as a team
passionately worked day and night and gave their best.“And those initial happy clients converted into many more, and as they say - the rest is history,” he mentions.

Zero Creation caters end to end in corporate videos, brand consulting, media buying and digital marketing, amongst others

Over the years, Zero Creation as a company has surpassed the struggles related to uneven workload in the industry and funds and has carved a niche for itself. Lotia speaks, “I had invested all my savings in this dream and turning back was never an option. So,I knew I had to crack this. From there, we have managed to find our way today where we have reaped success with over 100 clients. The journey so far has truly been rewarding.”

An Array of Offerings
Zero Creation represents creativity. The team customizes each strategy according to the brand,their product, the target group and moreover client preferences. They provide services in the areas of graphic designing, print and outdoor communication, corporate video & ad films and others. In addition to this, they offer website development, online marketing and digital media marketing services. “Our clients so far represent diverse industries such as chemicals, real estate, hardware,consumer and durables. Our target audience is mainly the
small and medium enterprises throughout Gujarat,” he mentions.

In fact, in addition to the advertising and branding services, Zero Creation also caters end to end in corporate videos, brand consulting, media buying and digital marketing, thus benefiting as a one-stop shop for all marketing needs.“Apart from being cost - effective, a 360-degree approach benefits a client in saving time and effort as they don’t need to connect with different agencies for different needs and explain their goals repetitively. The bottom-line is,when all different needs are catered to at a single firm, the benefits to a client are just manifold,’he adds.

The Silver Lining
All of the projects by Zero Creation reflect thorough market research behind it. The team before commencing on any project has a brainstorming session followed by a detailed analysis of the market.“We are proud to say that our understanding of the local market is our forte. We are well connected with the sensitivities and exposure of the people of Gujarat, which helps us guide our clients better,”informs Lotia.

Zero Creation in the coming times, aims to reach a clientele of at least 150 by the end next year.“We also seek to open two new offices, one in Morbi and another one in Rajkot,so that we can serve our clients even better across Gujarat,” he concludes.