Zeron: Helping Organizations Combat Cyber Threats Intelligently By Making Cyber Security Posture Right

 Sanket Sarkar,  CEOIn today’s day and age, cyber attacks can no longer be prevented just by antivirus software or firewalls. Cyber attacks have taken on a heavily intimidating form where it is no longer a question of ‘if’ it will happen but rather ‘when’ it is likely to happen. Cyber security is crucial to a business or an individual because if proper systems are not in place, it could lead to information theft which could affect sensitive data, governmental/industrial information, personal information et al. At an individual level, cyber attacks are typically in the form of identity theft and extortion attempts that can seriously damage an individual’s life.

From an organizational point of view, a security breach can lead to leaked customer data that is likely to end in financial loss, and also loss in brand reputation and customer loyalty. Currently, the implementation of AI and cybersecurity is seeing exponential growth since the last few years. The AI-backed cybersecurity industry is growing at a 48% CGR. However, despite that, only 27% of organizations have adopted AI based cyber security solutions while 73% of organizations are still ambivalent about it, even though every organization by now should have a hybrid mode of manual and AI cyber security systems in place already.

Zeron is one-of-a-kind AI-based SaaS-On-Premise Hybrid Cyber Security Posture Management Platform that performs security monitoring, security testing, compliance mapping and business fallout mapping for organizations. According to Sanket Sarkar, CEO, ‘People tend to make cybersecurity
hyper-technical, but with Zeron we highly stress on the user-friendly form factor. We have developed the user experience of the platform in such a way that even a normal person, who just knows the basics of computers, can also run the platform.’

Zeron provides a wide range of Attack and Defense methodologies to exhaustively scrutinize an organization’s cyber safety while also being customizable and scalable to fit any type of organization and to help enable even a person with minor technical skill to operate the entire system. Zeron also doubles as a Cybersecurity posture management platform where it analyzes what the cybersecurity posture of an organization should be and it also believes in quantifiable results Zeron provides financial insight on how much revenue is saved when certain attacks are prevented.

Zeron provides a wide range of Attack and Defense methodologies to exhaustively scrutinize an organization’s cyber safety

Sanket Sarkar also adds, ‘We make it easy for the users to get onboarded without a single human intervention and that way the growth of the platform is faster. The current process needs the downloading of a particular file and once you run it, it can monitor your system from anywhere.’

Zeron worked with a leading OTT platform where the client’s major problem was leakage of content which was occurring owing to the breaches that were taking place in the systems that they were using. Zeron analyzed and provided the correct cyber posture for the company and with efficient monitoring, the problems were resolved.

With 6700+ common vulnerabilities detected, 5 compliance frameworks, 1200+ audit controls and mechanisms and 89% efficient environments, Zeron has come a long way even as a startup. It has also garnered many accolades Recognised as Business Angel’s Best Choice at Unicorn Battle Asia 2022; Recognised as Cyber Security Startup Winner at Ground Zero Hackathon by Cyber Security Centre of Excellence and Dept. of IT & Electronics, Gov. of West Bengal; 2nd runner up worldwide in Global Cyber Peace Challenge, 2022; 1st runner up worldwide in Secom Anshin Innovation Challenge, 2021; Recognised as Top 500 deep-tech Startups worldwide by Slingshot Switch Singapore along with Microsoft for Startups, Google for Startups and AWS. With clients across Canada, UK, Singapore and India, Zeron has served OTT, Fintech, Healthtech, Edtech, IT/ ITES, Crypto Exchange platform and manufacturing sectors. Zeron is currently planning to set up its headquarters in the United States while simultaneously growing its team.