ZestMoney: Changing the Face of Credit Delivery in India

Lizzie Chapman, Priya Sharma & Ashish Anantharaman,Co-Founder & CEO, Co-Founder & CFO & Co-Founder & CTO

Lizzie Chapman, Priya Sharma & Ashish Anantharaman

Co-Founder & CEO, Co-Founder & CFO & Co-Founder & CTO

It all started in 2015 when Priya Sharma, Lizzie Chapman & Ashish Anantharaman were working with a UK based Finance company, Wonga. While working in the Fintech space they realised the evolution taking place across the globe and how technology was establishing itself to be the problem solver in the process of easy lending and improving the lives of the consumers. Observing the booming era of digitalization, increased level of mobile penetration and the transition taking place from offline to online, they felt that the banking system of the country was not keeping up with the change of pace the customers demanded and still dependant on 'Paperwork'. Moreover, the credit lending procedure lags in a proper mechanism, be it for small or large amount. Thus, with a vow to bring in a revolutionary change in the Fintech space they decided to return back to India and start
ZestMoney. “There was a clear need for the credit facility for consumers mostly for occasional purchases for consumer durables, electronics, furniture etc. Also foreseeing the friction in online transaction due to lack of instant credit we decided to leverage our experience & technology,” speaks Priya Sharma, Co-Founder & CFO, ZestMoney.

With a team of 60 + employees and serving PAN India, ZestMoney currently has 200,000 customers with a growth rate of 10x within a short span of 18 months

Latest Technology, Seamless Experience
Established as a consumer finance technology platform that aids online shoppers to create a virtual EMI, ZestMoney has pioneered itself to be the country’s first online EMI provider that provides credit at checkout stage. Explicating on its process, Ashish Anantharaman, Co-Founder & CTO says, “Through our cutting edge technology imbibed with web & backend technologies, we try to be a real time credit platform for customers and also evaluate them based on their spending patterns, financial status & more from the data gathered. Giving credit at the point of checkout we enable them a part of the loan that can be paid
at checkout." With availability in cloud and a 24/7 presence ZestMoney has leveraged APIs that connect with eCommerce websites & APIs that connects directly with banks & lenders. Being a customer centric & real time platform, ZestMoney also provides credit in Paytm or Mobikwik wallet. Targeting the customers with bank account & frequent online transactions, the company today render its services in the segments of online shopping, education, health care financing & others along.

“Our USP is our customer centric approach and best-in-class technology through which we are able to solve the real needs of the consumers,” avers Priya.

Backed by some of the largest financial investors, ZestMoney has marched with the Digital India movement and has confined itself in making credit available at an easy & hassle free manner. The company is institutionalised as a technology company with a team of 60 + employees and serving PAN India, the company currently has 200,000 customers with a growth rate of 10 x within a short span of 18 months. Explaining on its future roadmap, Ashish concludes, “We want to make ZestMoney the preferred choice for short term transactional credit in the country and beyond. For us, the sky's the limit and we want to help the customers anytime, anywhere with credit options.”