ZOEY: Quilting Baby Product with Love

Pooja Agarwal,FounderStepping into parenthood is the most precious moment in life. The bliss of taking the little bundle of joy in arms is unexplainable. For a parent the child's comfort and safety is the number one concern. And to make sure that they build a healthy yet charming environment for their toddler, they sink in a lot of time and energy in fishing out the best clothes, toys and other necessary or items. Along with pleasure this circumstance can also put a lot of pressure on them. Visiting each and every baby shop in the town to get the best baby stuffs is definitely a stressful and bemusing task. How-ever, this complex situation has enticed many innovative heads who have endeavored to put an ease to it. One such attempt is made by Pooja Agarwal who founded Zoey with the objective of putting for-ward the best baby products, fit-ting the taste and budget of every parent. "Becoming a parent brings along pleasures but huge responsibility too. Parents always want the best for their kids, no one wants to compromise on anything. So we made a small effort to be a part of their beautiful journey by providing them all the baby essentials items," comments Pooja Agarwal, Founder, Zoey.

The Beginning
Poojas's mother-in-law's talent of successfully running a boutique and meeting family demands had a heartfelt influence on her. The aspiration of doing something significant as such got its form when she discovered the struggle common people are encountering while purchasing the finest staffs for their babies at reasonable prices. Soon the idea of availing her mother-in-law's creativeness to fabricate unique and exclusive baby products dawned on her which eventually marked the beginning of the exquisite journey of Zoey. "We always wanted to develop a distinct platform for ourselves. Using internet and the latest social media marketing platforms, we projected our products in the market," she states.

With a small yet supporting team, the company has been fashioning baby products ranging from Baby Bedding to Organizers Travel Kits. The company displays extensive collections of Baby Carrier Nest, Bedding Set, Swaddles, Play-mats, cotton Toys, Quilts/Winter Blankets, Alphabet Cushion, Bonsai Backpacks, Décor Cushions, Storage Bins Travel Pouch and others.

Zoey made a small effort to be a part of their beautiful journey by providing them all the baby essentials items

The Achievements
Zoey made its debut in the market through an Instagram page which in the course of time evolved into a full-fledge direct to consumer brand with a manufacturing unit instituted in the small town of Kasganj. In just a period of one year, the company has made a positive impact on the market, winning hearts of thousand parents across the nations.

The company has very simple and decent plans for itself. It aims to clumber the ladder of success slowly and steadily with the end in view to ultimately win the race. "We are at our nascent stage, so we opt for to take small but significant steps. At present, we are rendering our services to more than 30000 parents and observing a month-on-month growth," she comments. Over and above the company aims to become a go-to baby bedding brands for new parents.