Zoylee: A Hyperlocal, On-demand Salon and Spa Booking Platform

Ajay Kumar,  Co-Founder

Ajay Kumar


There is absolutely no denying that the Indian salon and spa industry is witnessing a dramatic resurrection of late with some brands and outlets across the country claiming to have exceeded pre-pandemic figures. To put into perspective, the industry was worth Rs. 20,000 Crores during 3rd Quarter of FY2020-21 and is currently estimated to be hovering around Rs. 25,000 Crores, a decent growth of 25%. On the contrary, from customers’ standpoint, finding the right outlets and waiting times at salons and parlours remains the biggest challenge, and it’s no surprise that people often shy away from getting hair, beauty and personal grooming sessions because of the same reasons. Thankfully, with Zoylee, things are changing for the better.

Zoylee is an on-demand appointment booking platform for salons, spas, and parlours. It’s a first-of-its kind application in India that has been designed to bring the hair, beauty and grooming service providers and the end customers under one umbrella with the help of technology for easy appointment booking and delivery of services.

Here’s how Zoylee Works?For End-users
Zoylee enables the users to find top-rated salons, spas, and parlours in their city, compare prices of their preferred services at different outlets, and book appointments as per their convenience with instant confirmation. What makes Zoylee a standout choice is the fact that it promises ZERO WAITING TIME at the outlets. By pre-booking appointments through Zoylee, customers never have to wait in queues for their turn. Rather they have the freedom to hit the
salon/spa at their scheduled date and time and get the services done.

For Partners
Zoylee helps salons, spas, and parlours go online and make the most of the opportunities available out there. By partnering with us, you get the freedom to create your business’ profile and enlist specific details such as; services, pricing, duration, top artists, offers and discounts, etc. As soon as you are listed on our platform, you are visible and searchable to a larger number of people, your regular and new customers can now search and find you online, scroll through your business profile check out the details like services, pricing, and availability etc. and book their service appointments.

Zoylee provides free of cost online branding and promotions to its partner vendors through its extensive digital marketing campaigns

The Chief Technology Officier at Zoylee, Mr. Ajay Kumar says, “The notion behind starting Zoylee was simple to infuse technology in the Indian Salon and Spa industry to help boost visibility and reachability of businesses while providing easy solutions for the consumers to book and enjoy services with no waiting time. As a dedicated online marketplace aggregator, we are able to meet the expectations of both salons and end-users and this is the biggest motivation for us. We started our operations in Jan 2020 from Delhi, and today, we have around 2000 partners outlets in as many as 15 Indian cities. As far as our near future target is concerned, we are planning to extend our operations in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore and get 6000 outlets by the end of 2022.”

Zoylee provides free of cost online branding and promotions to its partner vendors through its extensive digital marketing campaigns. The leading online marketplace aggregator helps brands get a solid online presence and have the freedom to reach wider audiences, which ultimately can help open new avenues for sales and growth of the partner businesses.

A Team of Highly Talented Professionals
Zoylee’s team consists of highly skilled, talented and experienced professionals from different domains and industries and the unique diversity has evolved as the biggest driving force. From conceptualizing and brainstorming new ideas related to business development marketing and technology the team is leaving no stones unturned to make things better for both partners and end-users.

Zoylee’s mission is to be a one-stop destination for salon, spa and parlor booking needs for the users while empowering partner businesses to harness the power of technology by providing a world class platform.