ZTRIC: Intelligent Renewable Energy

Jayant Mhetar, Co-Founder and CEO

Jayant Mhetar

Co-Founder and CEO

Unpredictable Power Supply, Hazardous Power Infrastructure, Heavy Transmission Losses, and Pilferage Still Exist in the Power Industry Today. Coupled with Sources Of Power that are not Sustainable or Highly Polluting, Such as Coal, Several Challenges Still need Addressing. Although there are Tremendous Advancements in Grid Penetration, Power Sourcing and Supply Continues to be a Challenge.

Having lived through these exact problems and realizing that the same problems from 30 years ago, still existed, ZTRIC's founders Jayant Mhetar, Anand Krishnan and Sai Ganesh, saw these challenges as a tremendous opportunity, especially for distributed electricity generation in India. The existing market solutions focused on a 'Financial solutions' instead of an 'Electricity solutions.' Distributed Energy production was typically an after thought.

Given the amount of roof spaces available and the huge appetite for
more electricity and rising electricity costs in the country, the trio stepped ahead to establish ZTRIC. Incepted in 2016, ZTRIC was built with a vision to develop intelligent, sustainable energy solutions leveraging their strong technology background that provide access to clean energy and reduces energy costs.

As a part of "Full Transparency Promise," ZTRIC also provides an online portal and a mobile app that allows customers to nderstand and monitor their solar energy system as they please

ZTRIC is Based Out Of Pune and is a recognized segment leader in Providing creative renewable energy Options that Benefit Their Customers. Options Such As direct purchase, bank finance, Partial Investment and usage -based Payment models which allows the Customers to own their Solar Energy Systems Eventually makes renewable energy accessible to everyone. they also provide an industry leading 20 year warranty on every System with an optional maintenance plan. ZTRIC uses their artificial intelligence technolo gy platform to monitor and identify problems with the system proactively, and rapidly respond with the right maintenance actions. As a part of their "Full
Transparency Promise," they also provide an online portal and a mobile app that allows customers to understand and monitor their solar energy system as they please.

Today, when most solar developers focus On utility scale solar and large Commercial Customers, ZTRIC targets smaller consumers who have little or no access to renewable energy options but need it the most. Innovative payment options such as their hassle free, zero upfront cost solar solutions have been designed taking each consumer in consideration and allow access to renewable energy solutions to all types of customers.

ZTRIC believes that increasing access to renewable energy technology is a vital step in helping to minimize our carbon footprint and reducing pollution levels in india. with a vision to spread bring their solutions to all of india and contribute towards clean and green india, ZTRIC is striving to grow at a rate of five times, year over year.

"We believe in maximizing the use of technology and giving our customers the access to the best renewable energy solutions along with industry - leading after sales service. we want to be a leader in 'intelligent' solar solutions that brings access to renewable energy to everyone and thus leaving a better planet for our future generations” closes jayant mhetar.