ZYRO: Comprehensive Finance Solution for SMEs & Startups

Vikas Kumar,FounderThe FinTech (Financial Technologies) market consists of sales of technology and plat-form-based financial services and related goods. Organizations in this domain provide end-to-end process financial services and solutions to automate financial processes that are used by end-user organizations on the back end to automate insurance, trading, banking services, and risk management.

Fintech players can cover many services, ranging from those offering more traditional banking services such as payment services and fund transfers, to those that are technologically focused offering services that enhance the processes in the major financial markets. As the market has developed, Fintech players have evolved as an alternative to traditional financial services providers by offering a wide range of financial services.

ZYRO, incorporated in 2020 is a complete Fin-tech Solution provider, rendering end-to-end solutions from corporate credit cards, bank accounts, to prepaid cards in a single platform. ZYRO is a kind of open money platform wherein the users can manage the banking expenses as it provides payment invoicing, payment collections, payouts, and
many more. ZYRO is Asia's first neo banking platform for SMEs and startups are driven with the mission to deliver a truly seamless business banking experience and make managing finances a breeze.

The Firm has two platforms i.e., Expense Management & Banking Payment Platform. Expense management is more adequate for big corporate companies who do frequent traveling & has a sufficient amount of employees. Whereas, the Banking Payment Platform i.e., a payment platform that generally targets startups and SMEs for a single platform like managing a salary, vendor payment, collections, or to contract internal expenses or multiple size expenses like Facebook, Google Ad, FTC, or AWS. The firm can create multiple cards from its platform to Facebook and can create Google cards specifically for certain firms only so that it would be easy for customers to manage everything from the ZYRO platform rather than going to the bank.

ZYRO, incorporated in 2020 is a complete Fintech Solution provider, rendering end-to-end solutions from corporate credit cards, bank accounts, to prepaid cards in a single platform

ZYRO equips unlimited virtual/cards for the employees with pre-spend control based on transaction types and numbers and complete visibility of the transactions in the management dashboard to stream-line the business expenses. The firm offers a complete solution for the expense management vendor, management to bulk payout UPI collection. It runs more than five banks in the partner in UPI segment sand field and also has banking tie-ups with many bank.

As it proceeds ahead, the firm also aims to empower HR managers to help them engage their employees in a better way for employee Expense Management ZYRO Gift, which is a digitized solution for rewards and recognition by offering a choice of multiple gifting and incentive solutions for employee appreciation, tailored to all the needs for employee gifting, channel partners and vendors. In conjunction with the issuance, the firm wants to develop an ancillary system, backing tools to make payments and loans easy for any business, taking away the complexity of the method. With these capabilities, the firm is looking forward to enhancing its forthcoming market.