Can Artificial Intelligence Boost Social Innovation?

Kunal is an internationally renowned social impact strategist, investor and entrepreneur focused on making the impossible possible by positively disrupting the human experience

"AI will be the best or worst thing ever for humanity." Elon Musk
One of the defining discoveries in exponential technology is artificial intelligence, which has had a great impact in every area it has entered. Several public and private organizations are adapting AI and machine learning techniques in making complex choices easier. More recently, social enterprises have gained interest in the advantages of using AI and machine learning technology to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

On one hand social innovation is the best possible solution to the socio-economic challenges we are facing here and now, for which AI could be helpful to solve for some of humanity's most pressing challenges. The innovation can possibly give imaginative and rational ways to deal with handling the pressing issues, especially in developing economies. While it is frequently associated with revolutionary advancements and scientific breakthroughs, when used in a social enterprise, AI and machine learning could offer solutions and open more avenues in imaginative ways and at an exponential scale.

Artificial intelligence can be a significant power for positive social impact; it depends to what extent and how we shape this innovation to make the young scientists take interest in and turn that intiterest into their massive transformational purpose. As of now there is a huge focus on the future moral, safety, and lawful concerns surrounding the uses of AI which is what could be the dark side of the AI revolution. While comprehension and thinking about these challenges is necessary, we must not overlook what this technology has already done to save our planet while making sure we are always accountable for the morals and ethics that must be outlined as and when AI surpasses human intelligence in the near future.

This is what artificial intelligence can do:

Predict Wildfires
As environmental changes often lead fires making it happen around-the-year, government offices, specialists, and organizations are reaching out for AI to understand what happens before and after these calamities. The expectation is that prior notification can assist authorities in taking preventive measures, guiding in recuperation, and keeping future fires from happening. A lab in Mexico has already designed a detector which utilizes AI to dissect satellite symbolism coming in generally at regular intervals from two distinctive US government climate satellites, looking for any changes — present signs, a change in warm infrared sensors demonstrating hazardous areas — that could show it is on fire.

Protect Wildlife
AI is making way for researches which could take years to finish manually, by recognizing creatures from photographs for populace population and classifying number of photographs assembled by field researchers. On account of advances in machine learning and AI, computers can learn on their own utilizing banks of information. An AI-based application called Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security (PAWS) gauges untamed life poaching dependent on formally gathered information and understanding through field tests. This stage predicts a detailed guide of hunting dangers.

Predict Floods
To help improve prediction of looming floods, AI and huge computational force can make better anticipating models that foresee when and where floods will happen and consolidating that data into Google Public Alerts. An assortment of components — from events in the past to water level readings to the topography and altitude of a region — feed these models. From that point, the calculation produces maps and approach many reproductions in every area. This data makes stream flood anticipating models that can precisely foresee not just when and where a flood may happen, even its seriousness.

Prevent Overfishing
Artificial intelligence (AI) could address this worldwide concern to the ecosystem and fulfill the need of fish retailers and purchasers to know whether what they're selling, and eating is sustainable. Social enterprises are starting to consider ways that can bring AI, ecology and financial aspects together to plan strategies that target socially attractive results, for example, safeguarding the biodiversity and restoring the advantages of fishing to society. Fisheries have invested a ton of energy in setting up spatial administration apparatuses, for example, marine ensured territories to help fish stocks recoup from past over-exploitation.

The nature and structure of these advancements may not be clear right now, but there is an agreement that their effect will be more noteworthy in force and more extensive in scope than what we have seen at any point in our history. Besides, the experiments won't just be as far as tending to gigantic changes at various levels, yet additionally in managing an undeniably quickening pace of progress. Accordingly, the drivers of business' achievement today are very different than previously.

Artificial intelligence can be a significant power for positive social impact; it depends to what extent and how we shape this innovation to make the young scientists take interest in and turn that interest into their massive transformational purpose

We have business ecosystems, innovative processes, modernized administration structures, management ideas, and several other significant changes. Be that as it may, the single-greatest driver will be the expanding dependence on exponential technology and artificial intelligence.

All around, with positive innovative progressions, AI empowered gadgets and machines including robots can take proficiency and improvement to another level as we edge towards the singularity. They can likewise progressively help people take unimaginable undertakings, a major advancement towards wellbeing of human life and accomplishing a superior personal satisfaction. Today, the world is immersed in information and advances are developing consistently, however, how we utilize these advancements to have a genuine positive effect on the world despite everything remains a misery. If we can make certain that the old AI (Authentic Integrity) meets the New AI (Artificial Intelligence) without fear or favor we maximize our chances towards making the impossible possible while transforming our world for a better future.