5 Reasons Why Startups Need Coworking Spaces

Mishu Ahluwalia, Founder & CEO, GoHiveWhen someone says coworking, the first thought comes to mind is of a shared space- where other people along with your work. It provides an office-like environment for people across industries, sectors and business sizes, etc. to work in a cordial and fun atmosphere. With good internet connections, networking opportunities, and flexible locations as well as timings, coworking is a need of an hour.
However, there is another aspect of these shared spaces that don’t get highlighted as much. It is a milieu of support, comradery, and togetherness. Where today, most young people are staying away from family and friends, coworking spaces provide a suitable ambience to connect and grow together, without getting involved in office politics.
Let’s find out 5 reasons that make such spaces a preferred option-

1. Avoiding Loneliness

For an entrepreneur, freelancer or someone in the creative field, working by his/herself was a norm. As these people could not or rather, did not want to spend the money on expensive rentals, they preferred to work from home or quiet cafes. This often led to loneliness. But, a scenario like that is now passé. With the option of coworking spaces being available to these people, from a one-man army to a small group of professionals, anyone can now work in an office like space. Such places help the lonely working force be with like-minded professionals who too had an independent lifestyle that matches theirs. This helps people keep themselves from isolation despite the fact that they will be working on their own business.
Thus, coworking scenario plays an important role to enable such people to feel energized, social, and happy.

2. Emotional Support

Working alone and facing rejections for your work, product, etc. is a scenario that is not unknown to self-employed people. This leads to them encountering self-doubt. But, let us tell you a secret, it is perfectly fine and normal. If you don’t believe us, we would say, join a coworking space and talk to the budding entrepreneurs.
A place of work that surrounds people who understand them and provide them with the support or by way of necessary spiel when required, or advice, enable in the growth and overall development of a professional. It’s a community that aims to succeed not alone, but, together.

Therefore, this new working culture where no one is judging you, but, providing support is something that coworking spaces are successfully doing.

3. Enhances Well-being

Shared spaces for work promote a healthy lifestyle. This can be done two ways- by providing a great ambience and perks that include gyms and lounges that can enhance well-being. Secondly, by meeting similar people whose interest and hobbies are alike. This hence gives people a partner with whom they can follow a particular regime or try out a new activity like kick-boxing, Pilate or different forms of dance.

Another way, coworking spaces contribute is by offering spaces that have more natural light and areas, with planters that help people stay in a clean environment.
Since such spaces are designed for many and not a particular office type or sector, they have a wide appeal. People feel wanted and a part of it and this truly drives well-being which, further lead to higher productivity.

4. Positive environment

One of the biggest positives of coworking spaces is that it is free from office politics and gossips. This, thereby, gives an opportunity to build and showcases the personality of every person. As they are either individual or small teams working together, there is an absence of fierce competition between the businesses, and people. This creates a positive sense of community as well as a stronger working identity. A happy environment leads to greater efficiency and better output.

5. Supportive culture

When people tend to work from their own home, there are many and more distractions that surround them. From, TV breaks to a nap or family requests of doing certain chores. So, having a clear demarcation between work and family life becomes unnecessary. That’s when coworking culture plays an important role. It gives people an office like ambience where they can follow a routine and work without any distraction.

It also provides a supportive culture where businesses network and are willing to help others out. Also, with a variety of skill-sets under one roof, companies can even assist and hire services from one another. Such spaces, with their monthly activities, also give an opportunity to interact and prosper together by being there for each other.
A supportive culture leads to better understanding, empathy, and encouragement amongst the group.
Overall, the trend of coworking is being accepted by freelancers and companies of all sizes because of its various advantages. From the basics like cost saving, convenience, flexibility, good amenities to social advantages like collaboration, learning, and growth. This sense of oneness amongst the community members is one reason for all those who haven’t explored this working style yet to certainly give it a try.