Artificial Intelligence: A Game - Changer For The Education Sector

Rohit Manglik, CEO, EduGorillaRohit Manglik is an NIT graduate and is past Fortune 500 companies such as Oracle, Morgan Stanley and DE Shaw and is the youngest educationist to speak at the 11th World Education Summit, Dubai

Nowadays, irrespective of small drawbacks, translating from and to various languages has become a considerable effortless attempt. Just type the text and you're ready to relish the ultimate change of language you were looking for! The newest wonders of Information Technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) have given us this much ease!

Yes, it's the advanced technology of Artificial Intelligence that is making rounds in the corridors of businesses dealing in Information Technology (IT). The example that I've mentioned above is only one of many illustrations. There are more roles for the AI to play, particularly in the sphere of education.

AI Automating the Routine Tasks
Take grading, for example. It's a job that feels quite tedious. Teachers find grading consuming a significant chunk of their valuable time and feel that they can utilize the time lost in grading the scores more productively.

Therefore, the position that AI currently is in, and will be soon, will result in hovering close to human capacities in as routine tasks as grading. On accuracy, the AI automated systems will be able to naturally grade almost every kind of fill-in-the-blank testing and multiple choice. And, their volume is certainly going to outperform human efforts. Similarly, automation of grading the writings of students is going to catch up in the future, if not now. Our teachers, therefore, can feel elated for the times to come! All thanks to the prowess of Artificial Intelligence!

Pampering Individual Learning
The programs that constitute the AI software, are coded to identify and filter in the repeated patterns of students' study. The AI-enabled systems, therefore, will reserve the distinct patterns of each student's study and analyze them to generate a curriculum that is oriented more closely to his/her study preferences. This, in turn, will facilitate clubbing up of students as per their different spheres of interest and learning. Hence, it will ultimately lead to an easier and faster accomplishment of
the goal of education. It will prepare students for a job sphere that is aligned more with their personality and disposition.

Providing Feedback on Students
The undertakings of the AI enabled computer systems will naturally result in a generation of highly revealing responses by these devices. These responses will suggest strong and the not-so-strong spheres of improvement, oriented towards each student's benefit. These suggestions also mean a faster arriving of students' weak and strong spheres of study, and their individualized ad-dressing, by the teachers.

Facilitating Amassing of Students for Educational Institutions
The individualized learning exercise discussed above also translates to students opting for higher education, in their fields of interest. This calls for their respective educational institutions beaconing them for admissions. Thus, the AI-powered systems will facilitate faster and simpler invitation of educational institutions to the students

It is already in the scene now! Presently, Google Play Store, and a host of online stores host several educational programs to facilitate writing, basic math, and other such subjects for the kids and children

Students to Enjoy Freedom on Multiple Fronts of Education
While, by the way of E-Learning, the concept of studying as per one's choice of place and time of study is in full swing currently, there is more to the offerings that AI is going to make for the students. Therefore, furthermore, these include, students choosing their educators as also, the ways they want to study. And, while students may even find AI bots replacing their teachers, the powerful computer systems may inspire students to choose the streams and subjects of their choice. For this freedom, you students should then again thank the ability of AI-driven systems, to suggest students their respective fields of interest.

System Administrators Turning into Student Administrators
It is already in the scene now! Presently, Google Play Store, and a host of online stores host several educational programs to facilitate writing, basic math, and other such subjects for the kids and children. These programs and apps are there to assist even the older students pursuing their higher education. This has beaconed for a new era for the teachers, where such tools will assist them in their teaching. So ultimately, the might of the machines is certainly and soon going to rise to these levels!

Teachers to Avail More Teaching
Lastly, the automated undertaking of routine tasks like grading will, likely, benefit the teachers also. It will provide extra time for teachers to engage in lectures and student-teacher interaction. The teachers engaging in these two crucial tasks will leave them with a greater delivery of their real teaching.

On an Ending Note...
Though some of my teaching brethren would get scared a little, there is really nothing fearful of the emerging technologies. The only thing that matters is the level of openness that they possess for these wonders. But it is the students that stand to gain the most out of these massive technological developments. Overall, you can't deny that the educational scenario is going to change only for everybody's betterment.