Finding The Right Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business!

With 15 years of IT background and 3 years of successful entrepreneur jounery, Pankhuri is excited to experiement how business can do wonders when fused with the right technology - both for sellers and buyers!

In this era of Digitalization, old-school marketing tactics are losing their essence and due to which most of the companies are shifting towards Digital Marketing. Many of the companies rely on the services provided by digital marketing agencies to catch up with the pace of digital transformation and the emergence of new trends all the time.

The question is, Is your agency building your online presence or hampering it?

Did you know, 86 per cent of the digital marketing agencies are doing it wrong or are not aware of the right practices to be followed? Most of the agencies aren't giving the required attention to their clients and often try to manipulate them by creating irrelevant hype and false reports.

Let's take a look at the list of mistakes commonly made by agencies and how to avoid it:

1. Posting On Social Media Without An End Goal:
Many studies reveal that brands aren't doing meaningful interactions with the users. Content is the king obviously but creating content just to post regularly doesn't do justice to your social media audience.

2. Defining clear goals of an Ad Campaign
Marketing plays a critical role in creating a brand image in the mind of the users. Some agencies don't believe in getting a good understanding of the client's business and target audience which is why they start working without setting any long-term engagement goals for a client. Is your Digital marketing agency understanding the essence of your brand and then delivering results.

Many of the companies rely on the services provided by digital marketing agencies to catch up with the pace of digital transformation and the emergence of new trends all the time

3. Lack Of Transparency:
These days, most of the digital marketing agencies use phrases and jargon without having real knowledge of them - keyword research, user integration and lead generation are a few examples. Usually, what they promise isn't reflected in what they deliver. Ask questions about the services and process you want clarification on. Only a knowledgeable agency will give you concrete answers.

4. Submitting Irrelevant Reports & Analytics:
Marketing agencies don't talk about what's fundamentally important for your business to grow i.e. brand development, social trust, high-value leads, better customer conversion rate and a ROI that marketing can pro-vide. Reviewing reports is essential for any business to measure the success of their campaigns. Data manipulation is a common method used by agencies to exploit clients because most of the clients want overnight progress and agencies play on that desire by generating false reports.

5. Outdated Methods Used By Marketing Agencies:
Traditional marketing agencies who are pioneers in the advertising fraternity lack the manpower or knowledge to adapt to the new age transformation and changing consumer behaviorism. Digital Marketing is an ex-tension for these traditional platforms for them. If your marketing agency has started digital marketing recently but hasn't grown in terms of tools, techniques and technology, it's time for you to move on and find an agency which is up to date in this era of digitalization.

Digital marketing is such an ocean of information that even the biggest brands make some common mistakes! To be aware of these mistakes, one needs to choose their marketing partner with precision. Digital Marketing is a complicated service that cannot promise overnight miracles. It requires an appropriate investment on the right strategy and patience for return on investment.

How can the RIGHT Digital Marketing Agency help you?
A professional agency understands that Digital Marketing is successful for a brand when done holistically. Every aspect of this realm is taken into account and given required attention according to the need. There should be transparency in their process and they should make sure that their customers are in sync with what they are spending for. Their process should be focused around-
• Identifying your short-term and long-term business goals
• 360° Digital Marketing Plan and Social Media Calendar
• 100 per cent Data-Driven and tailor-made services
• Integration and Initiation of every relevant social media platform
• Encouraging engagement by posting required content and keeping the audience engaged with active communication.
• Client Approval based model
• Developing and executing a Cross-Channel digital marketing strategy to achieve business goals
• CRM Suggestion/Implementation
• Extensively focus on retargeting and remarketing to potential customers
• Generating regular detailed reports to measure success

Their services should be AI based, Data &Tech-driven, as Digital Marketing is not at all about playing blind! Programmatic Advertising, Personalized and Interactive Customer Experience, Push Marketing, PR & Influencer Marketing techniques that have proved to help a business grow organically and hence should be a major part of their service portfolio.

In the end, everything boils down to ROI. So, it is important for an agency to be able to justify the cost their customers are paying for digital marketing services.

After all, that is how they build the trust and a healthy professional relationship.