Six Most Important Roles Of A Startup CEO

Arjun Bajaj, Founder & CEO, DaiwaYoung and talent Arjun has set on his entrepreneural journey of building the best technology at most the affordable prices, exclusive for the Indian market

With a new startup nearly every single day, sustainability is the real key. Every day is a new challenge and a new learning as nobody has done your job before, not even you! However, the best part is no matter how challenging and unattainable your goal may seem it is achievable! The CEO of a startup is like a multi-functional entity. He/she is the employee, leader, manager, strategist, advisor thereby playing multi-faceted roles. At the onset, it is imperative to bring one's own life experiences and values to the table. However, sustainability entails some added qualities and roles a young CEO must imbibe. Let's understand six such important roles a startup CEO must play.

VISION: The vision of a startup company is but the vision of the CEO. It is this vision the employees will strive to execute and translate into reality. Thus having a realistic and precise vision is the foundation stone on which the company is built. Base your vision after through research and analysis of your product market. This will help you to determine the distinct role of your company and fill in the loop holes accordingly. A clear vision will rid you off illusions and assumptions and keep you grounded.

TEAM BUILDING: No amount of vision and objective will substantiate into reality without a productive team. As a young CEO, you are the team builder, team member and even occupying your own distinct place, that of the team leader. As a young CEO, identify the strengths & weaknesses of your team and synergize their potential in order to convert the vision into reality. Successful CEOs are also the ones who put their words to action. After all, the best way to lead a team is by being an example first. This quality
also distinguishes a boss from a leader.

MOTIVATION: This is the litmus test! Motivation comes easily when it is easy to come! The real deal however is to create motivation and pass on to your team when the bucks are running low. Here is where most startups fail. They succumb and finally perish away. It is the sheer will to remain motivated amidst crisis that will determine your strength. It will also make of you an exemplary leader whom the team will look up to when there is no direction. It is your trust in the team that will in turn motivate them to feel a sense of ownership towards their work and the company at large. Your belief and conviction alone in such times will empower you to get up and ‘start up’ all over again. This distinguishes the 90 percent from the 10 percent.

Your belief and conviction alone in such times will empower you to get up and ‘start up’ all over again. This distinguishes the 90 percent from the 10 percent

TARGET ORIENTED: Staying focused towards your targets irrespective of all the upheavals in the life of your startup is the sign of an able CEO. At the end of the day your targets indicate the number of people your company has reached out to and hence allow you to remain relevant amidst growing competitors. Your target achievements are the testimony of the hard work of your team and you. It is the face of your company/brand.

DECISION MAKING: Choices determine the pathway of our lives. As a young CEO, your choice to start or lead a new company sounds prolific. However, the most important choices and decisions follow after that. Your decision making ability is directly related to all the

factors of your startup. It determines the fate of your team members and the company at large. Your life experiences and foresight will enable you to make healthy decisions for your company. It is your decisions that will act as a path on which your team walks.

ESTABLISHING PARTNERSHIPS: Finally, establishing meaningful partnerships go a long way in establishing your company in the market. Your ability to build relations with your team, customers, clients will allow your infant brand in finding a foothold in the aggressive market. Communication, feedback, quick response, and keen listening are some skills which will aid you in your journey of establishing and maintaining cordial healthy partnerships. As a CEO, you have the added responsibility of not just delivering quantitatively but creating experiences for others and yourself.

As a young CEO, your startup is only the entry point, you provide the structure and soul to your company. The willingness to keep learning and constantly evolving coupled with the above key points will ensure your successful stay in the startup world.