5 Reasons Why Mobile Applications are Beneficial for Startups

Gaurav Gupta, Founder & Director, Squareboat Solutions Private LimitedThe market scenario has evolved drastically for start ups, taking into context the newer developments that create disruptions on a regular basis. Mobile applications have become an essential component of business in today’s world. Most of them have been inculcated owing to the digital literacy that has been increasing amongst both the companies and the consumers. The web continues to remain a medium with instant worldwide reach. Web products built miles away can be viewed and utilized globally making it a veritable base to conduct business. Now, startups are gaining further leverage by using mobile applications to develop clarity and achieve objectives much faster. These applications can help target numerous clientele and customers at a time, aiding these smaller organization to capitalize on resources without adding much to the expenses. Here’s how they are aiding in growth.

1. Expand Customer Base
The world is a global platter, where one can never pick and choose audience. Most users remain on the move today and they prefer mobile apps more than other digital avenues. You product may be a hit amongst faraway lands and you ll have apps to thank for that. Having your own mobile app, you can expand your product reach. With Geo-fencing, beacon or similar GPS and Bluetooth tracking feature in your app, you can track potential traffic and market your products as per user locations.

2. Boost Traffic and Brand Awareness
Creating a brand takes more than just selling- it is the underhand promotion that cuts the cake. The brand name and company’s logo remains the first entity which will be displayed on customers' mobile devices, thanks to a business app. This ensures a constant top-of-the-mind mentality when it comes to users and your brand: remaining at their fingertips in a utilitarian manner. A great app takes your
brand to the primary crevices of customer's mind, whether it's in media consumption or in some purchase based interaction. Moreover, through a great mobile app, you can mobilize the acceleration of traffic by luring people to your business website and social page as well. A continuous presence on the mobile screen leads to added recognition, making a stronger brand impression than any other means.

The current scenario in the world of business has become so intensely competitive that it has become more important to have a mobile application devoted to the cause of the organisation

3. Enhance Customer Engagement
In today’s market scenario, consumers are the be all and end all, with markets trying to cull out novel ways to entice. Also, websites are heavily dependent upon organic search results, which can be augmented through the inclusion of a mobile app that is consciously downloaded for use. They are bound to bring further involvement, with a purview on the daily discourse that a regular customer goes through. We have certainly made our mobile devices an extension of our personal preference. So as far as customer engagement is concerned, mobile apps lightyears ahead other digital avenues. There is an ease of flow, armed with flexibly to surf through products. Usability and easier interface adds to the whole line-up, making it a more engaging platform for consumers to visit on a daily basis. Mobile apps offer contextual and responsive capacity as per customer location and preferences to top things up.

4. Optimize Customer Service
What sets a brand apart from competition is the service it provides the deciding factor for every purchase. It is also crucial for addressing issues, providing proactive solutions and there by helping to retain customers, through value added interactions. With a mobile app on the customer's device, an advantage of speed sets the tone. The plethora of issues that brands get bombarded with can be addressed on a continuous basis using mobile apps, hence guaranteeing quality customer service over a period of time. The decreasing mount of grievances and issues leads to better customer experience, giving rise to referrals and promotions.

5. Competitive edge
The current scenario in the world of business has become so intensely competitive that it has become more important to have a mobile application devoted to the cause of the organisation. These applications can become essential tool for garnering customers, while increasing visibility. The smart phone boom has provided a rush of opportunities with the help of iOS and Android applications. Businesses can use smart phones to market their goods with a significant competitive edge. The entire above enhanced customer experience and prompt service would lead to creation of an engaging brand that every one would love to be a part of.

Start ups should embrace this revolution and move towards capitalizing the app movement for prolific success to follow