A Successful Generation Entrepreneur

Chiranjiv Patel, Regional Director, Entrepreneurs' Organization, South Asia"To let individuals spread their wings; with their zeal and passion they will drive you towards your goal".

I believe in communication as the core of strategic leadership. Communication is where leadership lives and breathes.

Sharing the right information is always critical, and information sharing alone cuts all battles into half. Communication is a leader's “information highway”; it needs to flow freely in both the directions for managing all circumstances whether good times or challenging ones.

Young leaders always need to be good at communication. A good verbal presentation of yourself is always crucial to generate a new spark for the next business or even for the betterment of present one. I believe in influencing in ways which inspire others to voluntarily make decisions that will enhance the prospects for the organization's long-term success while maintaining long-term financial stability. Different leadership approaches impact the vision and direction of growth and the potential success of an organization. I have learned from my mistakes; welcomed every chance with arms wide open; I have been moulded by the environment that I have been exposed to and have used the same environmental conditions to groom myself to adapt to further challenges. My leadership style coupled with firm belief in innovation helps me sustain the momentum and develop and maintain an interest amongst my people for a long run.

Today, millennial entrepreneurs are working with the fourth-generation technology which is essential to compete in this new era. Collaboration and out of the box thinking are predominant traits. People usually don't become entrepreneurs until they are really interested and attuned to be one. But innovation and attitude alone don't make a successful entrepreneur. I believe with the help of strategies, guidance and their own right way of delivering the same purpose to the team will definitely lead them towards the best implementation and best results.

Do's and Don'ts that matter in the World of Business
Qualities vary from person to person according to their objective, service, vision and mission.

I consider time management and strategic planning can pave one's path to success. Delivering one's purpose humbly and passionately will give confidence to the team to work towards achieving the goal. Personal and professional integrity shape a leader's reliable nature which will help in building a team for a long run. The leadership skills and the initiatives always push others to perform effectively and efficiently. Improving revenue is the most common agenda for most of the businesses and risk-taking ability helps businesses to achieve higher revenues in future.

If an organization grows, employees also grow with it and vice versa and to achieve this, one should work with
employees by understanding their needs and showing appreciation. Practicing `Boss-ism' demotivates and hurts self respect of the team.

Never goof up with the commitments and facts as it leaves a lasting bad impression about the person; eventually affecting the organization.

Mixing up several businesses can also prove detrimental. Adding multiple verticals in a short time might lead to a stagnant situation as it spreads out the resources too thinly for any growth to take place.

Know How's from the Real Life Instance
Every business is facing disruptions in today's dynamic digital economy and how one deals with these challenges is determined by an individual's skills leading to results unique to the said individual. Some tested strategies which are helpful are:

Personal and professional integrity shape a leader's reliable nature which will help in building a team for a long run

Data management helps in delivering immediate values and can help scale upwards and outwards towards the business growth. Analytical processing of data reveals hidden facts which again highlight the importance of technology. Striking the right balance between stability and agility is essential and digital transformation will always power your organization.

Review meetings and trainings are important and should be organized at frequent intervals.

Providing good environment according to your business needs will always strengthen the work capability of your employees and will clearly reflect in your balance sheet.

Adapting creativity or hiring creative people will encourage your spark with added value ideas.

As stated, innovation and technology play an important role in this era. Ideas and finance alone do not guarantee success. Strategies for proper execution and implementation are important factors for success.

One of the best examples for this is "Google"

This techno power house is known for its innovation and technology with successful strategic thinking and implementation.

Many IT organizations offer high salaries to their employees, but Google uses, in addition to salary, lifestyle strategies to sell potential employees on idea of work coupled with fun. With slides leading down-stairs to the cafeteria, free all-you-can-eat buffets, dog-friendly offices and quirky seating including boats, massage chairs, bean bags and ski gondolas, Google knows how to attract positive attention. Their strategy does not stop her as they provide their engineers with time to work on side projects. The innovative and creative ideas resulting from this 20 percent of the engineers' time has yielded half of Google's new offerings annually.

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