Brands Harnessing CRM Tools to Build Loyalty

Ajay Chauhan, Co-Founder & CEO, SalezShark Inc.Ajay has spent more than 15 years in industry at various levels and engagements and has conceptualized, has conceptualized some of the most innovative products

In a world of massive competition, when ‘customer’ is the only source who can get you to the zenith of success, all companies barring their size and age, increasingly reach more and more consumers across platforms and lay strategic methodologies to rapidly convert them into loyal customers. Companies do this with immense passion and enthusiasm. They approach multiple consumers on random basis to best exercise their efforts and luck in the business arena. However, they often tend to ignore if a consumer even wants what they are selling.

Today, like every other individual, I get multiple sales calls on my phone. They present the finest sales-pitch in town, offer the best-in-class products & services and promise effective solutions. They try to sell me almost everything ranging from a pencil to a company without realising my exact need or requirement. Mostly, I am not interested in purchasing from their selling list, therefore I end up disconnecting the phone.

Such experience as a consumer encourages me to guide my sales team on the crucial need to understand the customer first; their likes, dislikes and buying behaviour.
Today, examining consumer traits through various prolific tools such Sales CRM Software, Marketing Automation CRM, Business Intelligent Service and more, increase the chance to strike a conversation with the prospect and minimizes their possibility to disconnect or hang-up the phone. Moreover, it saves a lot of time and effort while pitching.

If a sales personal already knows what I am looking for, I will be more than happy to talk and discuss with him. So, by this time I may get hooked but still a long way to go before you could convert me into a loyal customer.

Many studies and reports reveal that three out of five customers are willing to give up a favourite brand in order to have a better service experience. Being a customer, I completely understand this trend. We like to be treated well and when we feel taken care of, we are more inclined to buy from you again. So, let’s take a look on three quick tips that can help you to display such care to your customer –

Let them know what you are doing for them: Maintain transparency and empower a 360 degree crystal clear vision to your customer. Regularly update them through newsletter, email or phone. If you display and mention all the things you do for them, they will easily notice your hardwork and care.

Maintain transparency and empower a 360 degree crystal clear vision to your customer

Keep it personal: A customer might disclose personal information such as address and more while purchasing. Ensure that you keep their data safe. This will help you to build their trust and satisfaction.

Keep them on the top: Set their needs on priority and give them first preference upon any other task. Your instant reply or resolution to their problems will certainly display that you treat them the best, with care!


Once a sales personnel bridges the gap to the heart of a customer; there are no limits to profitable revenues in trade. Today, you can easily bridge such gaps by providing excellent customer experience entailing the above points.