Implementing NextGen Technologies To Thrive

By Anil Goel, Chief Technology Officer, OYOHighly accomplished and innovative technology executive, Anil has been instrumental in building complex software applications, technology infrastructure and businesses to drive revenue growth, expand customer base and increase profitability.

Both Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have become a hot topic across industries. However, these services are still at a nascent stage when it comes to the hospitality industry. Never the less, the way our industry is evolving while exploring new technologies like AI, IoT and Machine Learning, it won’t be surprising to see new uses of blockchain technologies in the near future. Payments could perhaps see one of the first implementations of blockchain technologies, and this could drastically improve the booking and payment experience for customers.

For instance – OYO being not only an enabler but a key driver and competitive edge, derives to achieve its core competencies for delivering hassle - free and quality experiences for travellers, asset partners and anyone who is looking for a beautiful living space to stay. Therefore, anything and everything that can plug-in to the OYO ecosystem and supports our mission of delivering hassle-free stay accommodation for our guests is a plausible partnership for us. From a talent perspective, it has to come with the entrepreneurial or professional mindset.
Like other organizations, the company also is betting big on IoT, AI, Machine Learning and is already working to incorporate them into its technology ecosystem for further improvising of the hospitality experience for all its stakeholders. These technologies are tend to offer a helping hand to its diversified hotel and asset owners in reducing operational costs, and enabling enhanced control over the customer experience.

As the digital economy grows, India has the potential to inspire other

Ensuring Personalized & Seamless Experience for All
Moving further, experimenting with image-recognition technology with multiple uses is a key concern at present times. For instance, image analysis can identify potential issues such as inadequate cleanliness and lax security. Image recognition has the potential to change the check-ins experience into something magical. In regards to this, the company ensures that guests never have to visit the front desk but, instead, walk directly into their room. These nextgen technologies can be used in exciting ways to ensure a personalized and seamless experience for guests.

Behind every successful company, there is a highly skilled, hard-working, motivated workforce driven by innovation. It is quite crucial to have people in the organization who want to make a difference to society and are willing to devote all their skills towards the good of the company. To ensure the same, it is imperative to provide them with the freedom to innovate. At OYO, every OYOpreneur approaches their projects as entrepreneurs and have the freedom to exercise their thoughts and take ownership of what they do.

The people working for you want their ideas to be heard, as it gives them an opportunity to enhance their performance and set higher goals for themselves. Ensuring the presence of a smooth flow of communication between teams, management and individuals is among the most integral aspects of building a strong organization. Over the years, organizations have been continuously trying to put more efforts to garner visibility. In the race of competition, the thrust for innovation and find solutions to enhance customer experience has led all players to maintain a stronghold in market leadership.