Investing - The Success Mantra For Our Economy!!

Abhishek Sharma, (Retail) Director, Retail Agency, Knight Frank IndiaHaving strong expertise of working with Retailers and HNI clients, Abhishek is specialized in client relationship management, negotiations & distribution management

Ever wondered what makes the 200-year old US economy the biggest economy of the world?Is it the government? Is it the corporate decorum? Or is it the education?

The answer is the mindset of its citizens.

Every developed country in the world boasts of best job opportunities, best infrastructure and best corporate decorum. These are not God’s gifts to them, but a result of self created opportunities for themselves, and in turn for their respective countries.

But, how? The simple answer is Americans believe in investing their savings! A stark contrast to Indians we believe ONLY in saving and that's that. The buck stops there!

Apparently the US economy is a giant that it is today because of the systemic circulation of the money in its marketcausing the industrial revolution in the country. This creates job, wealth, better standards of living, amazing infrastructure and in turn brings prosperity in the country.

We, on other hand, are inculcated with a notion that we should hoard money in the form of currency or gold. This serves no purpose to our economy as the money never reaches the aspiring corporates, who want to turn the country into a better economy.

As per Warren Buffett all we need to know is fifth grade mathematics to
start investing. I’m not comparing every Indian to Mr. Buffet or any other great investor. What I’m trying to say is that we have the knack to invest, but we still choose to be ‘conservative’, which results into a lagged economy. I call this phenomenon the 'ostrich effect’ a term used for people who ignore what’s happening around them because of their mindset towards our country.

Indians notion of hoarding money in form of currency & gold serves no purpose to our economy as the money never reaches the aspiring corporates, who want to turn the country into a better economy

This depleted circulation of money in the system results in high imports, poor job opportunities, poor infrastructure, and in turn poor gross income for the country as we rely heavily on the imports.

We all have heard the calls for buying and using ‘indigenous products’, but have you ever wondered who will make these indigenous products, or from where will these native products come. These products will be made by some corporate, and for which they need funds, and an aggressive economy, which is possible only if there is enough money circulating in the native market. And, for that, the onus lies on every citizen of our country.

It’s high time we start contributing towards the growth of our economy, not by hoarding our earnings, but by circulating our savings into the Indian market. ‘Investment’ is the new mantra as far as my view goes.

I will end this article with two shocking facts. When Japan was devastated by nuclear attacks, it bounced back with a bang to become the third largest economy of world. But, how did it do it? The key was investing the savings.

On contrary to above fact, as per a recent article I perused during my tour to Delhi, Indians invest only 7-11% of their earning at present, a shocking fact indeed!

A country’s trade balance is very crucial for the economic growth. To fulfil the idea of ‘Make in India’, that is to import less and export more, it’s vital that enough fund available in the market for circulation. We can achieve this only if we invest.

To sum it all up, the answer to our economic woes lies with us. So, let’s take our country in the right direction, and let’s take a small but assured step towards investing!