One-Size-Does Not Fit All is the Trend that Rules the Beauty Industry

We are all so unique! The difference is apparent even between siblings and parents. Ayurveda acknowledged and celebrated this uniqueness long before the body positive movement popularly embraced the modern world.

Like Shakespeare famously said, "There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so." Ayurveda also believes you are who you are; there is nothing good or bad about it. Everybody comprises the Pancha Mahabhutas Ether, Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth. Based on these elements, the three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are formed. Each individual is made up of a unique combination of these energies, defined as your Prakriti.

Ayurveda customizes even its treatments. No two people with a simple headache will receive the same prescription. The focus is on healing your being in totality and not just improvising fixes myopically.

A trip to an Ayurvedic clinic can be a unique experience for many. You may wonder why the physician thinks your headache and bowel movement could be related. The physician is trying to assess your body works based on the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha dominance. Chances are a simple treatment to cure a headache, give you better bowel movement and improve your sleep quality.

Imagine these two unique qualities of personalization and holistic Ayurvedic healing packed into your day cream! It's an obvious yes, with a failed attempt to suppress the excitement.

The cosmetic industry deduced early on how each skin was different based on race, color, age, and location. The solution was complex as the products were meant to be sold on the shelves. Having too many options was not commercially viable. For many years, to compensate for the shortcomings of these products, they dictated a narrow definition of beauty.

After decades of fragile self esteem, all of us joined hands to embrace each other's beauty despite the color, age, size, and race. The need for empathetic beauty and wellness products is palpable. Young, agile startups quickly capitalized on Ayurveda's inherent customization abilities and delivered satisfyingly. The products are intended for a perfect fit, profound benefits deeper than the skin, and making you comfortable with who you truly are.

The nimble customization abilities of these startups also help you adjust to varying seasonal demands. They are quick to adapt to progressive aging, and major life changes like pregnancy and moving cities.

Many in e-commerce are working relentlessly to deliver this made-to-order product without worrying about the unsold inventory.

The Advantage: You get exactly what you need instead of falling prey to advertisements. Trial and error eradication will save you a lot of time and money. The right product will also save your skin from damage. Less wastage can positively impact the environment too. The products need lesser chemicals for preservation. The potent actives are an assorted few, chosen specifically for your concern, instead of a people pleaser complicated chemical mix.

The process begins with getting to know you better. The bot prompts you to answer a few questions about yourself and the trouble you seek help with: your beauty goals and other details. The AI clusters to you. A team of cosmetic experts work on the right formula for your skin type at the back end. Often you even get to choose the color, fragrance, and packaging at your own royal whim.

A proper instruction manual with advice on healthy skin and hair routine tailor made for you often accompanies the product. These are then lovingly packed and delivered to you in delectable packaging. You can repurpose it as a keepsake to store away your knick knacks. The experience continues until the end of the month when you finish your set of products. Customer care reaches out to you for your feedback and obliges to other adjustments you wish in your next box of the perfect self care routine.

Prescribing just cosmetics for self-care is often a travesty of Ayurvedic potential. Every individual's Prakriti can be prescribed a particular herb from the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia to maintain good health inside out. These herbs work differently in different individuals. For a Pitta, Neem may work wonders to clear the skin. In contrast, a Kapha may benefit from Lodhra. Simple herbs can help your skin and hair health. These herbs are certified, often organic and natural. In most cases, the herbs cause side benefits. Adverse side effects are rare, unless someone is specifically allergic.

The onslaught of environmental stress, work life imbalance, and erratic food schedules need management at the metabolic level. These wellness products are customized based on your Doshas to heal the imbalance and help you evolve as an individual.