Organic Food Products: A New Choice Among Consumers

M Abhiman, Marketing Manager, OrgtreeA pioneer in starting the farmerpreneur movement in India, Abhiman has been instrumental in providing healthy food made from locally sourced millet fresh from the farmers

Since ages, we have heard stories growing up about the nomads travelling continents spreading millets and surviving on them. Millets have been great food with numerous benefits.

The use of millets have been widely seen in our ancestral homes where elders used to make various recipes with it. But over time, other staple foods became more dominant.

Nevertheless, there was always a set of people who have understood the importance of millets and consumed them as a part of the daily diet. The company wanted to bring back this glorious food and make it a part of everyone's daily diet.

The current generation seems a little taken aback and are unaware of the benefits that rich nutrients consume. There were many conventional options which might have disinterested them. So, many organizations have started to produce rich food with the thought of
making some-thing interesting that could be consumed with ease anywhere, anytime.

Corporate Snacking
As much as this is applicable to almost everyone, the growth of snacking amongst Corporates has increased rapidly in recent times.

Generally, an individual adds up to 30000 calories just buy snacking during the work hours. With too many things that occupy their mind it becomes difficult for one to keep a track of their diet, this results in unnecessary complications at a later stage with various health issues. Therefore, changing the way people snack and using the power of millet combined with healthy eating often seems to create a Win-Win situation.

Changing the way people snack and using the power of millet combined with healthy eating often seems to create a Win-Win situation

Since then, many companies have been supplying millet snacks to a lot of organisations and have seen seeing progressive results. This helps people to snacks on various occasions of their typical workday. At meetings, as an accompaniment with their hot beverages and when they have delegates visiting them and more. The vision for the company here lies to reach out to a lot of organisations who are very keen about the health of their employees and want to see them fit and productive.

India is an agrarian economy, in recent times, has boosted and helped farmers of the country in many ways. Especially, setting up of small units and helping their products get manufactured has been a significant aspect. In the case of orgtree, the organization helps organic farmers to be entrepreneurs and procures the raw material produced by them through the manufacturing facility. It facilities the farmer's family to manufacture the finished products. Along with upbringing the local families of the village, with giving back the farmer families for the communal growth.