Spotlight: Finding the Key to Sustainable Excellence

The year 2020 witnessed the widespread effect of coronavirus across different countries of the world. Also, with the World Health Organization announcing it as a pandemic situation the business, corporate, and industrial world went for a toss, disrupting the global economy. Probing for digitalization, the business arena had to face significant challenges in its performance, be it healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, IT, supply chain & logistics, architecture & construction, tour & travels, food & beverages, manufacturing, or others. Conspicuously the entire business world has been overhauled during the time, or enhanced to an optimum level to relish certain opportunities in the evolving market.

However, today, businesses are presented with a plethora of opportunities arising with the recent digital transformation. Everyone around big to small start players, MSMEs, SMEs, and others are striving to overrule the competition establishing themselves as the best one amidst their respective industries. And, since entrepreneurship is not an easy deal for anyone, except for veterans, it appears to be getting harder with the inception of new companies everyday targeting niche or newly discovered markets. The technology's reach today is tremendous and the need to adaption of the latest available or ongoing trend is vital to compound growth overtime. Though the stress to overcoming the surfacing challenges is alarming, the agile adaptation of businesses to the new reality seems to be supporting the rapid economic recovery with emergence of more and more key players across the corporate and entrepreneurial reign.

Not just waiting for revival, every organization is focusing on being future ready today, being stead-fast in channelizing its operations in realtime, cut shortening the risk factors associated. And undoubtedly, the ones able to see the dawn of the revived world, today post pandemic are who sailed along the time culminating proficient skills and challenging the status quo. Though, slow but gradual all such companies have turned out heroic today, reflecting their determinedness and business reflection of their leaders who lead their path.

In the current edition, Startupcity features, some such companies as `Spotlight'. We have diligently selected these companies from different industries and featured their stories on what they offer and their uniqueness. Startupcity editorial board along with a team of experts comprising of various industry veterans, CEOs, CXOs, venture capitalists and others worked for months to curate and feature them.