The Interplay of Luxe in Interior Design

Founded in 1988, Creations is a design firm that has curated a diverse portfolio spanning cosmopolitan residences, retail, hospitality, and corporate projects. Incepted in Nagpur, Creations moved to Raipur in 1997 and has since been recognized for its immense contribution to design on various national platforms like Designworx, FOAID & IIID. At the helm of affairs is Shilpi, an AEC industry veteran with over 32 years of experience in the field of interior design under her belt.

In the design world, true luxury blends the finest quality pieces of accessories with a functional blueprint which is able to create an expertise that overflows identity. This delicate word ‘luxury’ represents and defines the everyday materiality in collaboration with opulence and grandeur. Smooth and clean interiors ascended by mid-century modern designs make for raging luxury home decor trends. In the contemporary non-enclosed interiors, a sense of luxury is established with the use of premium finishes like marble tile, custom wood flooring and installing them perfectly, rendering a luxe appeal to the expanse. Hence, contemporary residential trends revolve around a mixture of these hand-picked textures and finishes. Sharp and polished, clean and smooth, the use of these materials is a great way to add a subtle richness and glamour to any residential space.

The concept of home decor keeps progressing with each passing year, bringing in new & contemporary interior design options that can be used to transform spaces. However, despite the influx in décor options, one thing remains constant and that is the eternal appeal towards luxury. The easiest way to add a dramatic flair to your room is by using gold and silver accents. Use intricate designs and patterns, and incorporate them gradually into your room. Don’t be afraid to mix metals, but ensure that the color palette you have is fairly neutral.

Explaining by example; one of the most prolific and luxurious residences is the bungalow designed by Mrs. Shilpi Sonar. Heading "Creations" - a boutique interior design firm, she beautifully incorporated gold, silver, and champagne colored accents in the rooms to give it an aura of sophistication. She perfectly balanced the use of royal colors with a soft color palette of pastels so as to not go overboard with heavy colors. What came as a result, was a gorgeous bungalow which looked royal without being over-the-top. There was a layered element of luxury - she used heavy drapes and delicate linens to add texture to the room, taking the aesthetic of the room to the next level of grandeur.

Focussing on the lighting scheme, nothing conveys luxury quite like a chandelier. Chandeliers are a great source of lighting and can increase the magnificence of any room by ten times. Hence, Mrs. Sonar often uses chandeliers as a source of focal light for a room, without looking garish. The key here is to identify the chandelier that looks the best and suits the theme of the room, which she executes with a flourish. Serving to add the wow factor while being functional, she believes that a chandelier is a perfect option for lighting for anyone who wishes to add grandeur to their rooms.

Delving into the accessories segment, an accent wall or a furniture piece breaks all the lavishness of the room & can take the luxury quotient up to the next level. Luxury lies in the simplicity of the accent furniture or wall. It’ll draw attention to a less prevalent feature of the room, like the rug or a side table. Accent furniture includes floor to ceiling bookshelves, a bright couch, a bar on a vintage trolley. Accent pieces add a lot of personality into a room and can define the mood of the room as well. For instance, Mrs. Sonar uses floor-to-ceiling drapes, hand-crafted backlit motifs on the wall that illuminate the room, or fine filigree has been used by her in this mentioned project to focus your attention on a singular aspect of the room to make it seem straight out of an interior design magazine. Shilpi acts as a facilitator to ensure that her client’s vision gets translated into reality. She works tirelessly around the clock to ensure that the potential of the house is realised.

Lastly, everyone deserves luxury - it can be understated like a few fine and intricate details on a wall or the use of gold textured pain, or it can be a fully blown out palace with statues, chandeliers, and marble flooring. Residential design should satisfy the needs, aspirations and utilities required by each home. Personalization is key as the version of luxury and decor can vary from person to person.