How Are Startups Working With Creative Designers For Their Products?

Founded in 2012, PitchWorx is a creative design agency that creates presentation designs, animated explainer videos, brand communications, and an impactful web presence for brands across the globe. The firm is helmed by Dharmendra, a serial entrepreneur who brings to the table 25 years of corporate experience.

The business world is undergoing a drastic evolution due to the onset of the pandemic. Whether global or domestic, companies across the world are becoming more crucial in re-strategizing their business approach. Similarly, the startup ecosystem is also exploring avenues that can help them not only survive but thrive in the market. Considering this scenario, startups are focusing on leveraging a creative design approach especially in product building and customer acquisition.

Design is the key to success for driving profitability and customer attention. It helps in creating new products and unique opportunities that connect the brand with its customers and make it user-friendly. Numerous case studies in the marketing world suggest ­ there is a strong correlation between a well-designed product and customer loyalty for a brand. Given the rapid rise in customer expectations, it is imperative for an early-stage startup to invest in a good creative design agency and adopt a customer-centric approach to build value-added products and services. Additionally, it is significant to understand that customers tend to spend more when a product results in a positive experience while increasing brand awareness.

Creative designing is more than aesthetics and hiring a good creative designer for a product building startup plays a crucial role in determining its sustainability

Aligns Business Strategy
A deliberate approach to creative designing is the key enabler of comprehensive business strategies. For early- stage startups, the significance of aligning business, sales, and marketing strategy with design hold a great value. All three strategies and design ­ whether product or brand focus on selling and increasing business revenue. It is the presentation of products, graphics, and presentations designed creatively to impress the stakeholders.

Creative designing is more than aesthetics and hiring a good creative designer for a product building startup plays a crucial role in determining its sustainability. When it comes to designing a product, a designer is equipped with several responsibilities. He/she realizes their vision aligned with the business strategy of the startup while digging down into knowing the capabilities and what the product is all about. Understanding the essence of the brand, the creative designers package a visual story presented via the website, social media, and other offline channels.

Apart from external media channels, the creative designers also stress maintaining consistency in PowerPoint presentations, sales and pitch decks, business presentations, promotional and animated explainer videos, and other important brand collaterals.

Establishes Brand Identity: The Purpose & Personality
Brand identity is the ultimate way to communicate with the world. The look, feel and perception about the brand is integrated into a creative product design that tangibly communicates with the customers and establishes an intangible connection with the audience. Thus, creative designers make sure the product stands out from the crowd and provide an astonishing experience to customers.

When designing a product, a logo and colour palette are not the sole elements that can establish a brand identity. The product design needs to speak a comprehensive visual language across channels for establishing a consistent image for the startup. It emphasizes developing a distinctive branding design to drive brand purpose.

Drives engagement: Customer Loyalty & Retention
New generation startups have already understood the need for quality of product design to drive business profitability. To enable that, they are focusing on creating a design that can arouse meaningful conversations among the target group. The practice of embedding thoughtful user experience into product design elevates brand personality. Creative designers consider the pain points of customers and create an interactive product design to deliver a promising brand experience.

More than arranging unique elements in an aesthetically appealing graphic, creative designing is about establishing emotional bonds with customers. It creates deep and long lasting relationships that further drive customer loyalty to the brand. Furthermore, these relationships help the brands in developing influential design campaigns that are precisely targeted to the desired customer group. Additionally, it can help creative designers to spark emotions and change the minds of their target audience through distinctive product designs.

The present market outlook is experiencing transformation in customer purchase behaviour and journey. To stay ahead in the market, startups have already started focusing on deploying creative design strategies that could move their business forward.An experiential product design having the scope of scalability and evolution creates a unified brand image. Additionally, it can elevate the brand's performance and drive meaningful business results.