Using Technology for Efficient Logistics and Intra City Commute

Samar Singla, CEO, Jugnooone are the days when intra city commute used to be a messy affair for frequent travellers. With rapid revolution in digital space, including the introduction of mobile apps, and internet, and advancements in technology, travel has become more accessible and convenient. Owing to smartphone afford ability and the need for on demand taxis on the consumer side, taxi aggregation and ride hailing apps became game changers.

In a country like India where majority of the population still use auto rickshaws to commute on a daily basis, the next logical step was technological disruption in auto rides! A research conducted by Jugnoo in 2015, found that the utilization rate of India’s 5 million auto rickshaws was only 30%. Additionally, the whole experience of booking an auto rickshaw rides had pain points for both - the passenger and the driver. On the passenger side, not only is it a time consuming process, but also involves inconvenience of bargaining with the driver, dealing with faulty metres etc. On the driver side, finding rides is the biggest challenge, which further leads to low income.

Jugnoo was launched in 2014 to bring structure to this means of intra city commute. Today India’s leading auto aggregator - Jugnoo is making its way to the heart of India- Tier II and Tier III cities where 80% population of the country resides. Over the past three years, Jugnoo has evolved in terms of its operations and technological advancements. It ventured into different verticals of on-demand and hyper-local space in B2B & B2C domains. Currently, it has two major verticals - Rides and Deliveries. With its market presence in more than 35 cities in India and a user base of 4.3 million registered users, Jugnoo is a go-to platform for all the hyper local needs of its customers.

The auto rides are available through Jugnoo app which is backed with
technology that streamlines the whole process and makes it very easy for both - the riders and the drivers to use. Jugnoo app lets riders choose their travel destination, arranges the closest auto for pick up and finally let them pay for the ride through cash or multiple digital payment systems like UPI, digital wallets, and net banking. For drivers too, the app is made easy to access with interfaces in regional language. Drivers are trained to make the best use of the app by using Google maps for hassle-free pickup and drop. Use of latest technology prevents fraud, ensures safety of the passenger, and faster mode of travel.

Jugnoo Delivery is an on-demand hyperlocal B2B logistics arm of the company coupled with auto-rickshaws as logistic partners. It renders delivery services to multiple businesses by creating a market place that enables the merchants to deliver consignments to their customers while ensuring a seamless delivery experience. This service systematically lays down the options for merchants. The merchant books a delivery through mobile, web or API, then chooses the mode of delivery (autos, bikes, bicycle or commercial vehicle), tracks the delivery to stay updated through e-wallets. The merchants and the end customers have the benefit of real-time tracking of drivers. The API integration automates the process, making it faster and saves times, while the order detail gets filled with just one click. The delivery task is assigned to the nearest driver in merchant’s proximity.

With rapid revolution in digital space, including the introduction of mobile apps,internet, and advancements in technology, travel has become more accessible and convenient

The hassle-free payment per delivery is done in the end. Jugnoo Delivery is one platform that serves multiple segments like food, medicines, milk delivery and e-commerce.

Going Forward
Jugnoo’s scale and consistent growth, has led to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics for making data-driven informed decisions, especially in case of service quality by predicting demand, optimising route,and pooling deliveries thereby saving costs to name a few. Company is focusing on all relevant areas like Big Data, SAAS offerings etc, where Jugnoo can be used. Jugnoo, in particular, is amplifying human ingenuity with intelligent technology by solving complex problems of its business and working modules.

It also plans to use electric vehicles in delivery vertical of the company to support government’s vision of bringing renewable-energy revolution in the country. Jugnoo continues to adopt new technologies to improve its processes and impact lives of its users and drivers. Since the scope of hyper local in Tier II and Tier III cities is abundant and untapped, Jugnoo wishes to reach almost 100 cities of India in future. While other aggregators are burning enormous amount of cash to survive in the market, Jugnoo is adopting low cash burn model and is tapping the huge potential that, transportation and the hyperlocal market is offering.