Changing Face of Programmatic Advertising through AI

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Programmatic is one of the most powerful features of Digital Advertising (DA) because it allows advertisers to target the right audience, in the right context, and at the right time. Programmatic connects advertisers with audiences faster and smarter, on any channel in milliseconds, provides more transparency on the remnant inventory, and empowers both advertisers and publishers to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. The contribution of Algorithmic Buying was always a driving force for Programmatic, but the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made it the number one choice for advertisers in the digital landscape. The objective of Programmatic Advertising (PA) is to leverage personal ad experience which can be easily achieved AI helps to develop insights about a large chunk of online data related to the activities of the segment audience. Moreover, in the vast universe of data, AI enables advertisers to rightly synthesize the relevant data and uses it accurately for pattern analysis and market predictions to foster realtime engagements.

AI Building a New Paradigm
Today, all the big brands are adopting AI to display their ads on the web and mobile platforms, brands like Google and LinkedIn are the champions of it. According to the Juniper Research, the UK based consultancy in the digital arena, by 2021, AI will lead to generating $42 billion for the digital advertising industry because businesses are rapidly investing on Programmatic and RTB. Experts believe that AI in Programmatic is very useful in making ad campaigns more relevant to the behaviour of the online audience. Advertisers can easily assess performance metrics with the help of AI, which makes them capable of exploiting realtime bidding and clicking through at a faster and higher rate. Eventually, targeting and engaging the potential customers in realtime is no more a big deal for advertisers who develop a strong synergy between Programmatic and AI.

Given how millennials form a majority of the consumer as well as employee base, it would be way too risky to leave social media out of the business growth narrative

Merits of AI in Programmatic discussed above are just the beginning of a more controlled and optimal way of DA. As the technology is upgrading every new day, it’s blessed with bigger clusters of fruitful applications and Deep Learning algorithms are the holy grails for advertisers in Programmatic. E-tailers like Amazon and Netflix are strategically using deep learning tools to anticipate the desires and expectations of the prospects Netflix is using a recommendation system whereas Amazon is working on self-learning algorithms. Deep Learning AI tools give more accurate and reliable picture of customer purchase patterns, their inclination towards particular brands, features they are looking for, and what price they want to pay for the brands of their desires.

Marketers always pursue their target audience to find the answer to these two most relevant questions: what they want to buy and how they want to buy. Deep Learning provides the right answers to these questions, and smart marketers plan their advertising activities using these extremely effective inputs. And, the process doesn’t stop here as it also helps in finding that whether the customer is satisfied or not after the particular purchase and what’s going subconsciously in his/her mind.

Why AI is emerging as a decisive force of programmatic?
What could be more desirable than understanding the desires of the target audience and converting them into sale using realtime advertising,i.e., Programmatic? This miracle is possible only due to AI and its seamless compatibility with Programmatic. Hence, AI not only makes ad campaign more efficient and provides access to high quality inventory, but it also enhances the value of content, enables advertisers to know about people’s desires, and predicting the conversion probability in a more accurate manner. So, in the future, AI is going to play a decisive role in Programmatic.