Post COVID-19 will there be more focus on energy efficient buildings including retrofits?

Yogesh Jaiswal, Director, Le Classique Realty Pvt. Ltd.A dynamic entrepreneur of large scale residential real estate projects in India, Yogesh comes with over 19 plus years of experience in Indian real estate under some big names

Post COVID – 19, a win – win for people and the planet will be in high focus, there is no second thought to it at least for many large developers.

Though Energy efficient buildings may not bring any respite to such viral pandemics like COVID 19 but it can significantly reduce illness and deaths related to air pollution.

The need for energy efficient construction is taking momentum by the rising power consumption in real-estate sector. The buildings being designed and used today are consuming excessive energy for heating/cooling and lightning. There is about 30-40 per cent energy saving potential in the building industry which shall not only reduce the load on the power sector to meet its demand but also help the inhabitants in reducing their energy bills.

The concept of green buildings is gaining prominence in India, developers are now focusing on developing structures that are eco-friendly and use energy-efficient techniques.COVID 19 has been an eye opener for
the world at large and perhaps has shown us a much better and equipped way of living.

The coronavirus outbreak likely will now force government and business leaders to rethink their strategic planning for real estate assets. New construction planning should incorporate lessons from the market shutdown of COVID-19.

A collective effort is required to redefine specifications at the design and build stage of projects. Industry associations, developers and building owners have an opportunity to define new best practices that focus on designing for high efficiency and digital building infrastructure.Even from investment point of view, efficient buildings provide better social and financial returns.

The coronavirus outbreak likely will now force government and business leaders to rethink their strategic planning for real estate assets

A Green building costs about 10 per cent more than the conventional buildings. However, the cost is recovered within two to three years through savings in maintenance costs. Due to substantial reduction in operational costs, the total cost of ownership of green building is invariably lesser than the conventional building.

Environment friendly innovative technologies like energy efficient materials, intelligent gadgets, energy efficient doors and windows, solar water heating and generating power, rain water harvesting are used by many developers in different parts all over the country, but now more and more builders and developers are going in for projects that promote an eco-friendly life style.

In the end, we have an opportunity to rethink the entire approach to designing, constructing and managing buildings. If we all collectively agree on the importance and benefits of having energy efficient structures, the COVID-19 recovery era can be a huge positive for climate change and one can see a great future going green.