100X.VC: Supporting the leap towards Prosperity

Shashank Randev, Founder VC, 100X.VCThe growing number of start-ups has driven a spontaneous rise in the number of Venture Capitalist. It is a very good time to be an investor in India today. Start-up industry is without any doubt a suitable place to make investments. Aspiring angle investors and venture capitalists have a prosperous time to carry out their activities. This age and time could be called as the evolution of investment. The journey of which began in the year 2007 and ever since then large deals have been taking place in the private ecosystem. And with the advent of all these investors such as angel investors and others the ecosystem has received a more defined shape. With India hitting the growth curve because of no any anti-barrier, availability of cheap data, data infiltration and other similar things. These aspects are adding many avenues to evolve and a lot of options too.

The Way to Curve Out

Every day each individual strives to become more known to space and equip oneself with all the know-how of the current industry mechanism. It does require significant effort to wake up every morning with a new motivation, a positive vibe, gearing up to tackle down all the stumbling blocks on the path and emerge successful in every endeavour. These in fact are the distinct traits of a leader or a founder of an organization should have. However, investors also possess similar attributes as they too go about researching and knowing the current situations of the business world. Incorporating the expertise and knowledge they figure out the ways through which they can lend a helping hand or provide shrewd guidance to
prospective entrants in the market carve out their way to success.

Knowing Your Goals
It is really important to have a clear picture about what a person really wants to do. As I have observed if you really know your target and passion then marching towards the positive path is not impossible but achievable. Knowing what you are actually doing will simplify things automatically. Matching step with the constantly changing environments and keeping oneself up to date with the latest happening is very important, be it an entrepreneur or a Venture Capitalist.

The opportunity to interact with more than 300 venture capital funds, private equity funds, investment banks, and various firms who were using the data base incited Shashank to established 100X.VC. The time he have spent interconnecting with VCs, encourage me to get into the field of investing, Hence along with another investment enthusiast Sanjeev and he made the beginning of 100X VC. Before providing any sort of mentorship to the startups we basically look to five basic factors- founding team and their ability to experiment, the market potential, business model, the uniqueness of the idea, and evaluating the kind of help we intend to put forward. We are moving towards building a huge platform where we are using this instrument iSAFE- India's Simple Agreement for Future Equity. Since startups require Vc's every now and then, we made sure that approaching us is quite elementary. They can reach out to us via LinkedIn, twitter or simply drop a request on our website. Shashank feels extremely honored to help entrepreneurs meet their objectives.

Shashank Randev, Founder VC,

A telecommunication and electronic engineer, Sushath Randev has lived a fascinating career. His non linear career and choices introduced him to the vividness of the ecosystem which ultimately incited him move towards becoming a part of the venture capitalist circle. In the last seven years, this fortune space brought him close to many great people who helped him evolve propitiously.