Angel Investors Decoding the Pitch to Code the Pitchers

A pure self-made millionaire, an entrepreneur, technology influencer & startup evangelist, Pranay has instigated & executed digital renovation and business growth for globally renowned brands in the realm of Energy drinks, Healthcare, Education, Music, Food, Fashion and Retail. Pranay holds a major seat of spectator in promising startups that inspiring millions of lively users universally. He has directed digital transformation projects for Network18, EY, Dainik Bhaskar, RedBull and other startups to Fortune 500 across India, North America, UAE and Singapore.

Earlier it was a struggle for any new idea to grow and flourish as a business, but today it is an opportunity for any investor to keep an eagle eye on a pitch which is catchy & trendy. Seeing that, investors are overwhelmed with the ocean of opportunities popping up in the form of innovative pitches from the young minds. Thus, in India startups are constantly multiplying day-by-day by eliminating biases and inefficiency and being committed to continuous improvement and expansion. Significant growth has been witnessed due to the consistent efforts of Angel Investors, Seed Founders, and VCs who are initiating a major part of cornerstone based on stages of funding.

The early birds who invest in the early stage of any startup are the Angel Investors. They are a group of individuals who provide funds in exchange of ownership equity. These investors are high networth individuals or experienced entrepreneurs who play a pivotal role in nurturing early stage startups.

According to industry experts startups that are powered by angel investors are four times more liable to succeed compared to those startups without the hold of angel investors. Therefore, choosing a right Angel investor is the need of the hour for all the Gen Zs to evolve and revolutionize the business world with more innovation and advancements. So, finding a right Angel investor can be deciding factor of the startup’s success & failure. Among the diverse sectors and burgeoning tech-driven innovations, angel funds in India have become instrumental in bridging the gap between budding ideas and scalable start-ups & ventures.

Dynamic Role of Angel Investors
Angel investors are catalysts in the startup ecosystem boosting the potentiality of founders at every stage of their startup journey. By means of availability of the Angel networks and Angel funds, Angel investors are seamlessly coming forward and reaching out founders aiming to propel higher investments, higher valuation and higher returns. Lot of ideas which weren’t able to get metalized earlier, nowadays those ideas have a chance to build solutions and bring it to the market.

Evidently, the role of an Angel investor is not just an investor but also acts as fuel for the startups by helping & shaping their ideas at very early stage. There are certain ranks of Angel investors called ‘Super Angels’, who not just supply initial support but they take part in the overall journey of the startup throughout their lifestyle. Lot of startups are eager to race their first round of funding through the Angel investors and strategically reinvent the wheel in the market. Thus, founders are directly approaching to the Angel investors and raising capital for startups. Indian founders are highly indebted to Angel investors, as they have solid grasp of current market conditions, setting-up long-term success, and creating a benchmark.

Angel Investors are empowering startups by not just bringing the capital, also by helping them to bring the right kind of strategic support & network

Looking from the lens of an Angel investor, India is going in the direction of an unremitting growth into the space and the new-fangled aspects have been created including new venture capitalists, funds and indicators to supply the startups. Approaching from different sectors including Finance, Real Estate, EdTech, Retail sector, HealthTech, EV, Green technology & related spaces, India has a bright future with conception of new funds. In addition, alternative investments and funds have been created in India with more flexible regulation on how Angel investment should be done and keep it very simple for investors. Fortunately, this is a milestone time in Indian history, where Angel investments are augmenting enormously in India.

Remittance Advice for New Investors
Firstly, investors have to understand that angel funds are very high-risk asset class, so if you are new investor, co-investing with other investors to have experience in that space is highly recommended. Furthermore, learning, unlearning and relearning about the process of angel investment teaches what to expect and what not to expect in the business arena. As mentioned it’s a high risk space, so startups should have a capacity to build for at least 3 to 7 years of period to metalize the investments. Ultimately, angel investors should not perceive it as just an investment, they should take it as an opportunity to collaborate with founders who are innovating and helping startups with the incredible experiences.

Investors Bullish Outlook on Young Minds, Big Dreams!
Undoubtedly, young entrepreneurs are on a par with technology opening the innovative gates for accessing any platform at a single click. Back those days, we didn’t have a concept called digital economy but today with the help of innovative payment landscapes we are able to transact anytime, anywhere. Notably, more startups are inventing platforms where we can minimize loss and maximize profit efficiently. They are coming up with advanced solutions to solve diverse problems of people and standardize our lifestyle. And for this reason funding & investments play a crucial role in scrutinizing advancements and leveraging technology to ride high in economic growth momentum and simultaneously generate new employment opportunities.

Although, the fundraising market is witnessing an unrelenting funding winter, yet the investors are confidently looking for a compelling product and an easily understandable business model that can help in aiming for long-term profitability. In that case, the phase of Angel funds is growing very rapid in India. It is very important for the new Angel investors to invest wisely. Angel investing is inevitably providing potential opportunities for baby start-ups to take flight on the transformative phase of innovation. Evidently, Indian start-up ecosystem is experiencing a wave of transformation driven by emergence of Angel Funds & investments, serving as driving force for entrepreneurial dreams. They are already set-up to bolster India’s entrepreneurial spirit with their presence & contributions to shape the flight of the country's startup ecosystem and show why they are called as ‘Angels’.