Chiratae Ventures: Leading India-Focused Technology Venture Capital Fund

Venkatesh Peddi, Executive Director, Chiratae VenturesEntrepreneurs embrace the unpredictable and exploratory terrains of the startup ecosystem, and just as a support system to the budding startup, venture capitalists and VC firms are playing a major role in the growth of the market. In fact they are the vital part of the startup ecosystem. Despite the VC world appearing relatively healthy, an unprecedented trend of fewer funded companies, but larger round sizes has emerged. The space has grown significantly in the last 10-12 years from where it was earlier. Even the number of investors has dramatically increased on all the stages of investing. The landscape is also supported by the increasing depth of the ecosystem where quality is playing a major role.

While the system is active over a decade or so, VCs look at the scenario to be at the nascent stage. There is a lot of aspect in which the industry should mature and transform to support and drive the economy. In this context, very few companies are becoming large and will make economy move forward. With such disruptive companies emerging .The investors see that next 10 to 15 years would make massive shift in the nation's state.

Whenever the economy goes through a transition of growth by fast consumer demand and expectations, by nature the entire ecosystem will be shoved to greater heights. With this, the world will definitely see a large part of wealth creation being captured by the VC ecosystem. This
is what the company believes that the zone where India is placed, where the system is active for about 10 years and we will potentially see a lot of these companies becoming large and in turn capture the capitals. From a provision of how we see the VC, while it has matured quite a bit compared to where it started. It still believes that it has huge potential for the startup ecosystem and for the venture capitalists in 10-15 years down the line.

Apart from the supporting the startups in terms of cash, Chiratae Ventures assist them is various aspects such as team & organization building, where it help the companies to choose the right candidates and tap the profiles that are culturally fit for the brand. While managing the financial prudent we also understand the growth that is needed to be driven in the cashless management area as well. We help them land for the next fund raise. Our ability to make the next round of funding is also high and a lot of cross-portfolio pollination that it ensures to happen within the company where it facilitates conversations to drive.

Venkatesh Peddi, Executive Director, Chiratae Ventures
An industry expert, Venkatesh Peddi has over 17 years of startup industry experience, including 11 years of venture experience.

Prior to Chiratae Ventures, he was Deputy Vice President at Reliance Venture Asset Management. With the immense knowledge base and expertise, he was involved in executing multiple end-to-end investments and was a board member at Gradatim IT Ventures and a board observer at Suvidhaa Infoserve and Pelago Inc.

He started his career life as Account Manager in Investment Banking division of Adventity, a leading KPO player, where he advised deal teams of leading investment banks at various deal stages.

Venkatesh as a well-known VC, leads Deepfence, Hiree (exited),, Hevo Data, Heckyl, Healthplix, Infisecure, Rentomojo, Squadcast, Unbxd and others.

Over the years, he has evaluated several companies and got to meet hundreds of exiting talentswith disruptive ideas that gave him an enriching and exciting learning experience. The ups and downs experienced has helped him gain comprehensive view on the market and moulded him as a expert in the VC world.