Trends for investment

By Ajit Nazare , Partner
Trends for investment

Different Areas of Interest

Greentech: Within Greentech, energy efficiency in form of green building materials and smart grid and wastewater management look most attractive.  

Mobile internet: We see a number of consumer and business applications for the mobile phone unleashed through the iPhone and other smart phones. We also see the mobile Internet users out number the PC Internet users world wide in the next few years. In countries like India, the mobile Internet users may already have crossed PC Internet users. This opens up limitless opportunities for entrepreneurs to create businesses.

Hottest technologies: Energy storage technology (new battery chemistries, capacitors, and more) is an area that I am following very closely as it can revolutionize the alternative energy space. With the right storage technology, intermittent energy sources such as solar and wind can start competing with incumbent energy sources such as coal and natural gas.

Advice to entrepreneurs: This is as good a time to start a new business as ever. My advice to entrepreneurs would be to find a big technical problem that serves a large market. Gather a team and get going. Silicon valley is reinventing itself and entrepreneurs are the force behind this change.