Dyna Biotech: Bringing A Paradigm Shift In Biotechnology & Biopharma Industries

Vinodkumar Patil,FounderAcompany that goes along with the philosophy of `Make your customers feel heard, build a positive reputation, keep improving, learning and continuously keep an eye on upcoming trends, market, and customer needs', is a Pune-based biotech equipment manufacturing company called Dyna Biotech. This brainchild of Vinodkumar Patil ­ a process engineer and microbiologist with 27+ years of experience in elite pharmaceutical organizations ­ was established in 2013 with a vision to drive and lead biopharmaceutical equipment manufacturing market. The company has been operational for over seven years at the front line of manufacturing, validation, installation, and a wide scope of biotechnology and biopharma equipment. It focuses on biopharmaceutical equipment, dairy industry, food, and beverages. It offers a plethora of equipment including high-end fermentor, bioreactor, CIP/SIP system, inactivation system, biokill system, media tanks, buffer tanks, harvest tanks, purification tanks, micro filtration system, ultra filtration system, and more. Dyna Biotech is truly accomplishing its vision and serving the best quality products at an affordable price globally.

Dyna Biotech has a niche market. The company predict and identify customer pain points and solve them in advance. The enterprise is putting its best foot forward in improving and providing excellent services at every level of customer handling. It always studies the market and competitor closely and welcomes creativity, changes, innovations, and new trends as per need. It offers standard as well as customized products. These products are being used for human, animal, therapeutics, protein, antibiotics, probiotics, and cell culture products. Dyna Biotech cares for all the standard compliances as per FDA (country usage) as well as its equipment is used in WHO, USFDA approved facilities. Automation is a 21CFR complaint in every case to ensure the product doesn't get a tempering effect. Dyna Biotech is certified for its excellence in quality and safety norms as per ASME-BPE and TUV NORD. It is also certified for quality
policy, excellence in the biotech field, a global award for industry-academic excellence, and more. It also empowers the organization to create magnificent products and on-time deliveries. Its clientele boasts of names like Serum Institute (Pune), Eu-Biologicals (South Korea), Bio Stream (South Korea), Chain Home Biotech (Taiwan), Intas Pharmaceuticals (Ahmedabad), to name a few.

"We are having a continuous eye on the new market trends, market needs, and market search for new and existing competitors and technologies. The company works concerning market demand and has a strong customer relationship which helps it to sustain business growth," says Vinodkumar, Founder, Dyna Biotech.

Dyna Biotech is truly accomplishing its vision and serving the best quality products at an affordable price globally

The Architect Behind
Dyna Biotech is blessed with highly qualified employees and laborers who are capable to solve every complex problem with depth evaluation. The foremost part of the company is to exceed the satisfaction level of the clients by giving a product as per their specification and meeting. The company's expertise mentorship, Vinodkumar, gets the tasks done by using all of the resources available. Developing the strategies to reach its goal, providing required training that team members need, communicating clear instructions to team members, listening to team member's feedback, monitoring team member's participation to ensure the training they are being provided is being put into use, and also to see if any additional support is needed, managing the flow of day-to-day operations is taken care by him. He motivates, empowers, and inspires the employees to improve to give their best to the projects at hand. He set goals and gives high-performance culture, which is measurable and action-oriented. He communicates with empathy and welcome feedback that builds trust and encourages customer relationship building. His work experience and knowledge have benefitted the organization to achieve success at every possible challenge, got a recognition number of times from clients, business authorities, policy, and authorization forums. Ten years from now Vinodkumar envisions his organization empowering millions of people and their business, serving globally to all top companies, earning succeeding turnover every year, and establishing new plants and products.

Quick Facts
• Dyna Biotech was established on first April 2013. It has been in operational for more than seven years at front line of manufacturing, validation, installation and for wide scope of biotechnology and biopharma equipments.
• Dyna Biotech has experience expanding turnover at big number every 7 years so far.
• Dyna Biotech has more than 100+ clients engaged with it. Some of the major names include, Serum Institute, Pune; Eu-Biologicals, South Korea; Bio Stream South Korea; Chain Home Biotech, Taiwan; Intas Pharmaceuticals, Ahmdabad; Wockhardt, Aurangabad; Shanth Biotech, Hyderabad; Indian Immunoilogicals ltd, Hyderabad; Lupin Laboratories, Mumbai; Humedix, South Korea; Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Ahmedabad; Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals, Hyderabad: Gensys Biologicals Hyderabad; Richcore, Banglore; Brilliant Bio Pharma, Hyderabad; Virchow Biotech inc, Hyderabad; Vins Bioproducts ltd, Hyderabad; Biologicals E. Limited, Hyderabad; Sanzyme Biologics, Hyderabad.