Flab Healthcare: A Healthcare Consulting Firm with over 100 Years of Combined Expertise In Healthcare Delivery

Dr. Babu Narayanan, CEO,  J. Adel, COO After the pandemic, the need for the healthcare consulting industry has seen tremendous growth. It is estimated that the healthcare delivery industry will reach $132 billion by 2023 due to the significant boost in the country's telemedicine services, among others. Also, the world will witness the implementation of the largest public health insurance scheme by installing more than 70,000 Ayushman Bharat centres in India. Global healthcare consulting is estimated to reach USD 41.2 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 11.5 percent. FLAB Healthcare is a healthcare consulting firm formed by a reputed team of healthcare professionals specializing in business consulting & strategy and innovations inoperations, process, procurement and healthcare technology.

Hospitals are now recognizing the importance of using the right communication and technology solutions and opting for healthcare consultants to select the models best suited to their needs. The effective use of technology and the optimum utilization of financial resources have been found to help in improving the penetration rate of healthcare consulting services. FLAB Healthcare was founded by a team of medical professionals who have been privy to the working of hospitals and their problems. This experience has allowed FLAB Healthcare to provide the best solutions to its clients and implement them in a smooth and fuss-free manner. FLAB Healthcare has experience in managing hospital projects to the tune of Rs.1000 crores, including small, medium and large hospitals that comply with JCI and NABH standards. Its clients include Sudha Hospitals, Annai Velankanni Hospital, Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations, and The Madras Seva Sadan. “We help doctors and hospital entrepreneurs to create a direction for their practice and maximize their options for influencing the environment”, says Dr. Babu Narayanan, CEO.
FLAB Healthcare implements better systems to reduce costs, helping build a better healthcare infrastructure and facilitates its clients to improve operational efficiency and maintain quality standards. Under healthcare consulting, it offers Business strategy, Strategic planning and implementation, Financial Assessment, Insurance management and Nursing excellence. It operates on the BOT (Build-Operate Transfer) and the BOM (Build Operate Maintain) models as per the requirements of its clients.

FLAB Healthcare aims to continuously evolve, create long-term value & deliver measurable & sustainable results for its clients

Under Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects, it oversees site evaluation, architectural design, MEP-ELV design, Interior design, equipment planning, statutory approvals, and operational hand-holding. Vendor management can be difficult for most small hospitals as they cannot afford to own an effective procurement team. FLAB Healthcare helps such hospitals to deliver the required product and brand at the most competitive rate in the market, including supply planning, inventory planning, capacity planning, and distribution planning. Other services include quality accreditation, process audits, healthcare technology, recruitment & training of personnel, and marketing & PR strategies. "We offer hand-holding support to greenfield and brownfield hospitals of all sizes,consultancy services for efficient operations, and give negotiating power to smaller hospitals to lower the prices of the services they provide”, adds Adel, COO.

J. Adel, Chief Operating Officer
FLAB Healthcare is a healthcare consulting firm formed by a reputed team of healthcare professionals with a combined experience of more than 100 years in the domain of healthcare delivery. It has reputed doctors on the board of the company, bringing immeasurable expertise to the company. As its team has vast experience in clinical care as well as administration, the team strives to fulfill client expectations to the best of its capabilities.

FLAB Healthcare aims to continuously evolve, create long-term value, and deliver measurable and sustainable results for its clients. It is planning to venture into the African market by next year. In India, it intends to establish a local healthcare centre that focuses on the needs of local people who haven't been serviced by intermediate and tertiary healthcare system.