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  • 10 Best MedTech Startups - 2023

    MedTech:Connecting Healthcare with Technology In the post pandemic scenario, the demand for healthcare consulting is growing exponentially. Owing to this paradigm shift, the healthcare seen tremendous growth in recent time, and so is MedTech. Also, it won’t be wrong to depict that COVID has bought forward the criticality of MedTech in the country’s healthcare infrastructure and its ability to respond to advance clinical, commercial, and digital transformation. Moreover, the ever evolving health care market is posing back to back opportunities for MedTech to evolve and expand its current role and products to thrive in the future of healthcare. A Revolution in Healthcare: Med Tech refers to Medical Technology, a broad discipline which can be defined as a field that...

10 Best MedTech Startups - 2023

Editor's Choice

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Flab Healthcare Flab Healthcare Dr. Babu Narayanan, CEO, J. Adel, COO A healthcare consulting firm formed by a reputed team of healthcare professionals specializing in business consulting & strategy and innovations in operations, process, procurement and healthcare technology
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Agva Healthcare Agva Healthcare Prof. Diwakar Vaish, Co-Founder A mechanical ventilator developed with the focus of providing some of the most cutting-edge technologies in medical devices at unreliable prices
Dozee Dozee Gaurav Parchani, Co-Founder A AI-based contactless remote patient monitoring & early warning system for continuous patient monitoring with a focus to develop & deploy intelligent technologies and solutions
Innovaccer Innovaccer Abhinav Shashank, Chief Executive Officer The platform unifies patient data across systems and care settings, and empowers healthcare organizations with scalable, modern applications to improve clinical, financial, operational, and experiential outcomes
Innovation Imaging Technologies Innovation Imaging Technologies Gaurav Agarwal, Managing Director A medical device company leveraging strong R&D capabilities, offering variable detector movement (SID) and providing premier, pinnacle agile, pinnacle, pinnacle pro, pinnacle brochures
Lenek Technologies Lenek Technologies Chirag Agrawal, Co-Founder The company is dedicated to design, manufacture, and market cost-effective and sophisticated medical devices, aspiring to create an ecosystem of research and development around medical technologies in India
Navia Life Care Navia Life Care Kunal Kishore Dhawan, Co-Founder A health technology company with a special focus on patient car, improving the lives of people through innovative products and services and providing simple tools enabling better management of a person’s health in the most convenient way
Niramai Health Analytix Niramai Health Analytix Geetha Manjunath, Founder & CEO A deep-tech startup addressing critical healthcare problems through automated solutions and has developed a novel breast cancer screening solution that uses Thermalytix
Onward Assist Onward Assist Dinesh Koka , Co-Founder & CEO A predictive analytics platform providing oncology analytics tools that helps oncologists be able to look at information of a large volume of patients and come to accurate clinical diagnosis
Piscium Health Sciences Piscium Health Sciences Malay Dikshit, Founder The company provides the standout solution and ensures high-quality services to the patient at an optimum cost with a focus to unearth state-of-the art concepts developed by the scientific and medical fraternity in India