Immersive Reality is here to Stay

A few years ago, my entire office (along with the rest of the world) became obsessed with a game, Pokemon Go. For months, I would see my sharply dressed colleagues, walk around with their heads immersed into their phones. The game that had captured the imagination of the entire world was one of the most successful applications of Augmented Reality till then.

Armed with the power to completely consume users and transport them to an alternate reality, immersive reality has been a trend on the rise for the past few years. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) has the capability of blending into our daily lives. Immersive tech such as AR/VR has also found application in a variety of sectors including video games, live events, video entertainment, healthcare, real estate, retail, education, engineering and defence.

Over the past five years, tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Samsung have been bullish on virtual reality market. The market has also witnessed a sharp rise in the number of AR/VR startups cropping up in the Indian tech landscape.

A report by Digi-Capital concluded that global investments in VR touched $1.1 billion in the first two months of 2016, which was a sharp rise as compared to $700 million invested during 2015. A few years later the global AR/VR market size stood at $11.35 Billion in 2017. It was forecasted to reach $571.42 Billion by 2025.

With numbers in its favour, the AR/VR startup segment has been a playground of exciting ideas and products. While startups do face struggles such as infrastructure and network strength, the industry is booming and is evident with the companies that are adorning the list. The technology finds its application in a vast array of sectors and is only going to amplify in the years to come.

The current edition of StartupCity shines the spotlight on a few such innovative players. Each of them have been creating one of a kind solutions and products that are upping the AR/VR game in India.

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