Recruitment Startups for Tomorrow

The role of astute recruitment in determining a firm's success can hardly be overemphasized. After all a team is only said to be as strong as its weakest link. This makes bringing the right people onboard an organization one of the most crucial aspects of running a business.

The Indian recruitment and staffing industry helps boost employment, work choice, reasonable compensation, annual benefits, and health benefits for the temporary workforce. The Indian staffing and recruitment industry has been on a consistent upward trajectory given the growth of business and commercial activity within the country. The industry has growth at a rate of 20-25 percent per year over the past five years. The number is only going to grow in the years to come believe experts. According to the Indian Staffing Federation, the apex body of the staffing industry, at present, the sector comprises of 15 leading firms that account for Rs 270 billion in revenues.

As hiring gets more organized and streamlined, the industry has also brought in its growth ambit various tier-2 and tier-3 cities.

Technology has been another major factor that has brought about a revolution within the industry. The recruitment process today is quite different from back in the day. Businesses today are more dynamic and an enterprise's and employee's expectations have also evolved accordingly. This has given rise to HR tech as a lucrative sector where young startups are bringing about a sea change in talent acquisition management and recruitment solutions. These startups have devised innovative solutions that help clients hire the best people, manage them in the most efficient way possible (especially when working remotely) and provide employees with opportunities to produce their best work. These startups are also enabling companies to retain their best talents.

The current edition of StartupCity brings to you the list of '10 Best Recruitment Startups'. We shine the spotlight on a host of innovative young companies that are redefining the traditional recruitment industry and infusing it with digital transformation.

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