Personal Mobility & Transport Simplified!

The ingress of technology into every aspect of our lives has made the world much smaller. Transport and logistics industries across the world have evolved massively over the past few years. Be it movement of products from point A to point B or personal mobility of varying distances, things have become much simpler in today's day and age. A major role in simplifying movement has been played by tech startups, especially pertaining to transport aggregation.

Transport aggregators often provide transportation facilities as core business either stand-alone or in partnerships; transporting not only goods but also people. These services are have been shortening the gap between traveler and the transportation service providers through the usage of online portals and mobile applications. The growth in the e-commerce sector and the expansionary policies undertaken by FMCG giants has also helped logistics aggregator startups in India to expand by leaps and bounds.

As technology has fast tracked the long distance transportation, a new wave of transport aggregation in personal mobility space has also been revolutionizing how people commute through short distances. Over the past 5-6 years there has been an rise in startups such as carpooling apps, bus aggregators, mini-bus sharing apps, bike taxis, green taxis, bicycle renting etc. These new age startups are making commuting easier, cleaner and cost-effective. A plethora of these start-ups are also tapping into the market to create shared and green mobility solutions such as shared-smart bikes.

The current edition of StartupCity shines the spotlight on a few of these innovative startups that are revolutionizing the transport aggregator space. Be it hailing a bike taxi to zoom across town, hire a transport van to send across a furniture delivery to the next neighborhood or fulfilling e-commerce orders across various cities, these startups have created smart, intuitive and easy to use solutions for each of your needs.

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