Pune startups are changing the face of Work

Nandini Mukherjee, Managing EditorOf the bigger metro cities in India, Pune deserves a special mention due to the seismic shift witnessed in its start-up landscape. Over the past five years, the start-up scenario in the city has changed dramatically, in terms of issues, challenges and opportunities. From a handful of start-ups in 2014, Pune came a long way to cater to over 3,200 active start-ups in 2018, as industry report suggests. Making a name for itself as a go-to tech hub in the country, the city has an attractive prospect as it has a massive talent pool which is of good quality and it a fairly decent infrastructure. Technology entrepreneurship culture, proximity to financial capital (Mumbai) and the
active start-up communities have further played a crucial role in attracting the typical clutch of multibillionaire investors to the city.

From helping local artisans to teaching blockchain to students, start-ups in Pune are venturing into different sectors. The start-ups have brought in the new concept of `Happy People make Happy Organizations'. Adding meaning to this phrase, these startups are leverage the best to make themselves a profound place to work for. They clearly tend to understand what makes an organization successful that is the people and the culture. Trying to impose the same that thrives on working together and supports collaboration, they follow a flat organizational structure, enhance best of flexibility and state-of-art facilities with amusements.

In our current edition, we bring to you a list of some of the best Pune-based startups to work for. Transitioning from being just a mere cool workplace destination to an aspirational place for building dreams true, such innovative start-ups promisea great deal of work, values, and learnings to the professionals. We also recommend you to read our cover story on Mudrakwik Fintech, a smart platform that specializes in hassle-free financing for individuals.

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