Rapid Evolution of Delivery Services Startups

During the pandemic, delivery startups whether focused on groceries, essentials or takeout became the darling children of venture capital firms. Early on, mandates and closures put up barriers to physical shopping, but as time went on, customers became more used to the idea of shopping online for everything from toilet paper to rotisserie chicken.

Truth be told, modern existence is wholly dependent on technology. Digital technologies, which permeate every element of existence, have impacted many aspects of our daily lives and made a number of tasks more simpler. Delivery services appear to be one technology trend that has accelerated recently. You require urgent delivery of groceries. For that, an app exists. Want to deliver important documents locally? For that, an app exists. Birthday cake delivery at midnight for a loved one? There is an app for that as well, yes. Whatever your needs, there are firms that have figured out how to distribute goods and services on a B2C, B2B, and B2B2C basis, saving customers' time, money, and resources.

The boom continued into early 2022, startups like Swiggy Instamart, Zepto, and Reliance-backed Dunzo, etc are trying to defy the current slowdown, as they add more goods and daily essentials to their kitty and deliver them to their customers. After closing a $240 million funding round in January, Dunzo went all-out on growth, burning through $15 million a month from April to July.

The rising importance of on-demand services and apps has turned delivery services into a profitable business. A robust business idea, reliable delivery management software, and a resilient fleet are required to keep running operations smoothly. To help entrepreneurs and small-business owners get started with a delivery business, we have listed 10 Best Delivery Services Startups of 2022.