Startups Can Empower People To Own Their Work

The city of Nizams, Hyderabad, has emerged as the world's most dynamic city, performing better on parameters like socio-economic and commercial real estate. The exhibits an immense potential to become another hub for start-ups alongside Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. It has over the past few years indicated a promising growth in terms of having a stable environment for startups because of its co-operation with investors, academia and the government. With Hyderabad as its flagship start-up hub, the state of Telangana is carving a niche in various emerging sectors. Known for its state government-supported innovation ecosystem, the state's focus has been around emerging technologies such as blockchain, augmented reality/virtual reality, renewable energy and blockchain.

Currently, home to 1800+ startups, the city is also attracting the attention of international giants. As with an upsurge in the start-up space, many entrepreneurs are now coming forward with innovative and creative business solutions and products. These start-ups are some of the best places to work for providing people with life satisfaction as opposed to job satisfaction alone. Every start-up is different, but the common themes tend to be weird hours, small teams, ranging benefits, and a group of passionate individuals with one goal. Almost all the corporate founders and CEOs have built their companies with people in mind. To them, a healthy culture is as important as a healthy balance sheet. Their benefits go far beyond minimum wage. Such start-ups have found ways to rejuvenate employees by helping them identify their "calling," or the area of work that provides them with the greatest fulfillment.

In our current edition, we have featured a list of "10 Best Startups to work for ­ Hyderabad". The list comprises of start-ups across verticals that are redefining workplaces and empowering people to own their work. Since there is a lot riding on a start-up's success, emotions can run high and workloads can be significant. However, that high stress atmosphere can spawn great creativity, innovation, and reward.

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