The Emerging Phase of the Startup Ecosystem in Andhra Pradesh

Nandini Mukherjee, Managing EditorThe Food Bowl of India’Andhra Pradesh has fastened its seats to be counted among the startup hubs. And in a very substantial way it has made progression in supporting the emergence and booming of the start up ecosystem. It would not be wrong to say that Andhra Pradesh does projects the potentiality of becoming another hub for start-ups alongside Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. The city over the past few years has indicated a promising growth in terms of having a stable environment for startups because of its co-operation with investors, academia and the government. To set up this benefitting environment for startups and encourage entrepreneurship in the State, Andhra Pradesh Government had proposed to set up the Andhra Pradesh Innovation
Society(APIS). As with an upsurge in the startup space, many entrepreneurs are now coming forward and assisting these companies in establishing an identity of its own. To help the businesses stay ahead in the curve these marketing agencies are providing more innovative and creative solutions for better customer retention and engagement. Increasing numbers of expatriates are relocating to the city as affordable office space and residential properties see companies opening there. One of the key factors in the growth of Andhra Pradesh’s startups is that fact that it is the house of investors and mentors. Having nine prominent investing organizations is definitely encouraging the entrepreneurs to take the chance and venture their ideas. On the other hand business friendly policies have helped in attracting marquee investments to the State including HCL, Franklin Templeton Investments, Conduent and ANSR Consulting, among others. These facilities have helped many enterprising startups gain momentum in the ecosystem, going from local to national spectrum.

Currently, home to more than 100 startups, the city is also attracting the attention of both national and international giants, enabling the province claw its way to become a startup hub. Witnessing the growth, our current edition has featured a list of “10 Best Startups in Andhra Pradesh”. With a rich pool of tech talent a growing cosmopolitan culture thriving infrastructure, and lucrative real estate costs Hyderabad is all set to break the monopoly.
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