The Rise of Innovative Travel Platforms

Nandini Mukherjee, Managing EditorThe global travel industry is flying high. From 1.2 billion international travelers in 2015, it is now expected to increase to 1.8 billion by 2030, according to a United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) report. The Indian travel market is also growing at a quite squandering pace. The travel market is not only massive, but also rife with opportunities for innovation and disruption. To address the increasing number of Indians travelling, numerous startups have emerged to meet their demands. There has been a massive change in this trend as young solo professionals are taking a
greater number of vacations every year to places that are off-the-beaten-track.

The Indian startup sector is buoyant as entrepreneurs are racing to provide services for the country's online population. There is a fleet of travel startups seen in the market currently steering the industry forward with their innovative approach and contemporarily tailored solutions. These are the startups that take care of curating travel lists, making travel arrangements, arranging the foreign exchange, and handling the back-operations of travel. In fact, they have been perceived spending massive budgets on marketing and focusing on branding and customer service.

We have listed “10 Best Startups in Travel – 2020” in this edition. Realizing the market potential that such a vast and populous country with incredible travel vistas to boot can offer, these prominent travel startups have jumped into the fray to emerge as the most promising in a market untapped. As travel habits get more sophisticated, it would be interesting to see a large number of dedicated entrepreneurs and venture capitalists devising solutions which will help them tap into this growing chunk of the market.

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