• SleepyCat: Crafting a Workplace Culture of Continuous Learning
  • SleepyCat: Crafting a Workplace Culture of Continuous Learning

    The personality of a company reflects in its work culture. It describes the environment in which people work. The company’s culture includes a plethora of elements such as workplace environment, company’s vision, mission, ethics, value, goals, and expectations. A few companies have a conventional and formal management style, while a few have a team-based culture with employee involvement at all levels. Other companies have an easygoing working environment without many rules and regulations. One such company that fosters a positive work milieu where its employees fit in with the culture and are more likely to enjoy their time at work is a Mumbai headquartered mattress-in-the-box company – SleepyCat. Starting with a humble beginning back in 2017 in Kolkata with a single person...


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