• Athlizur: Creating Fashion With Comfort On The Go!
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    Athlizur: Creating Fashion With Comfort On The Go!

    Fashion is a celebration of one’s choices and when it comes to comfort, it’s hard to make a mark on one’s style statement and stand out among the rest. But, does it always need to be that way? The fashion mongers today suggest otherwise, as more influencers are promoting yoga pants as couture for the day out. Inspired by this rising trend of comfort apparel that ensures no compromises on trends, Athlizur was founded in 2021 promoting and offering Active wear Merchandise. The increasing awareness of health and wellness has sparked an interest in comfort apparel. Especially, the hectic work schedules today seldom spare any time for workouts, and carrying an extra pair of sweatpants to work is just not the best option. One would love to step out for the day and hit the gym between...


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