• Manjeera Aqua: Nurturing Aquatic Potential For Economic Empowerment
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    Manjeera Aqua: Nurturing Aquatic Potential For Economic Empowerment

    India's fisheries and aquaculture industry, valued at around $289 billion, is a burgeoning sector with vast growth potential. It not only meets global seafood demand but also contributes 1.4 percent to the nation's GDP while supporting over 28 million livelihoods. Farmers can fetch good income without spoiling the original land. The Farmers can change their land into income-generation land instead of barren land. In Telangana with its abundant water resources, the industry is poised for significant expansion, bolstered by government initiatives. Innovative start-ups are driving progress through aquaponics, IoT-based monitoring systems, genetic fish stock enhancement, and value-added seafood products, addressing productivity and environmental concerns. However, challenges persist,...


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