Manjeera Aqua: Nurturing Aquatic Potential For Economic Empowerment

Kovilapu Sankar Rao ,Managing Director

Kovilapu Sankar Rao

Managing Director

India's fisheries and aquaculture industry, valued at around $289 billion, is a burgeoning sector with vast growth potential. It not only meets global seafood demand but also contributes 1.4 percent to the nation's GDP while supporting over 28 million livelihoods. Farmers can fetch good income without spoiling the original land. The Farmers can change their land into income-generation land instead of barren land.

In Telangana with its abundant water resources, the industry is poised for significant expansion, bolstered by government initiatives. Innovative start-ups are driving progress through aquaponics, IoT-based monitoring systems, genetic fish stock enhancement, and value-added seafood products, addressing productivity and environmental concerns. However, challenges persist, including limited access to finance, technical expertise, and market connectivity for marginalized farmers and backward communities.

Enter Manjeera Aqua Group of Companies, a transformative force dedicated to empowering these groups through comprehensive solutions. With aquaculture expertise, technology leverage, and unwavering sustainability commitments, Manjeera Aqua acts as a catalyst for inclusive growth, emphasizing community welfare and environmental stewardship in the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

Established in 2021 in Telangana, Manjeera Aqua Technologies is a visionary enterprise dedicated to empowering marginalized communities, small-scale farmers, women, and youth in the fisheries sector. Kovilapu Sankar Rao, MD of the company is committed to social and economic progress and the company aims to foster inclusive value chain development and provide innovative solutions to challenges in aquaculture.

Through technical expertise, expansion, intensification, diversification, and capacity building, the firm contributes to global food security. The genesis of Manjeera Aqua can be traced back to a captivating voyage characterized by extensive research conducted on aquaculture, with a particular emphasis on the Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS). Despite the system's remarkable success in several nations, its adoption in India has remained limited, primarily due to a prevailing preference for conventional pond-based aquaculture practices.

Notably, the observation of the adverse environmental consequences associated with traditional fish culture on coastal groundwater in Andhra Pradesh further fueled their unwavering determination to implement RAS systems as a sustainable solution. Consequently, Manjeera Aqua emerged as a transformative catalyst, addressing ecological concerns while harnessing India's land and technological resources.
The firm takes immense pride in delivering a wide array of professional services tailored to the aquaculture industry, specifically designed for fish farming beneficiaries and aspiring individuals in Telangana. The firm’s esteemed services comprise the construction of cost-effective Aqua Culture facilities such as Intensive Pond Aqua Culture Technology (IPACT) and Recirculating Aqua Systems (RAS). “Our flagship project, IPACT, is a unique solution that requires minimal land and water resources, making it accessible to small farmers.

IPACT utilizes tanks above the ground, reducing water consumption while maximizing production. With this innovative system, farmers can achieve high yields and sustainable income generation”, says Kovilapu Sankar Rao, Managing Director. The firm provides unparalleled expertise in fish production, and farm management, and extends comprehensive marketing support for enhanced market linkages. Its commitment to capacity building is realized through bespoke training and consultancy services, offering fundamental education and guidance on contemporary aquaculture and farming methodologies. Furthermore, Manjeera offers an extensive range of solutions encompassing fish seed, fish feed, medicines, and continued training and handholding support to empower farmers.

Manjeera Aqua is home to a distinguished team led by Kovilapu Sankar Rao, an accomplished Managing Director. With a remarkable background as an Ex-Naval officer and successful entrepreneur, Rao possesses over 20 years of experience in leadership, operations, marketing, sales, and technology development. His expertise drives business growth, identifies improvement opportunities, and formulates effective expansion and profitability strategies. Assisting him is B Anamika Patil, the director, who brings over 15 years of experience in the finance and banking sector. Her expertise in financial management and strategic planning has been instrumental in driving the success of the organization. An advocate for sustainability, Anamika's visionary approach and dedication have contributed to the growth and development of Manjeera Aqua in alignment with its sustainable values. Together, under their combined leadership and industry knowledge, they play a pivotal role in the company's growth and development.

Manjeera Aqua is empowering communities through sustainable aquaculture for a brighter future

The firm is strategically charting a visionary path, aiming to expand its influence and maximize its impact. Its roadmap includes key initiatives such as establishing incubation cells and an Aqua school, serving as knowledge centers for farmers to access comprehensive training. By equipping farmers with essential skills and knowledge, the company empowers and elevates their capabilities. The firm also fosters farmers' producer organizations to promote collaboration and collective growth within the farming community.

With a commitment to effective marketing, Manjeera Aqua Technologies plans to launch a dedicated mobile app for streamlined business-to - consumer transactions. Ultimately, its roadmap focuses on empowering more villages through innovative aquaculture practices, enabling self-sustainability. With a visionary approach, the company is set to shape a transformative future for the aquaculture industry, fostering sustainable growth and development. Manjeera Aqua is Integrating aquaculture with agriculture.

Farmers can achieve high yields in agriculture and reduce fertilizer expenses, and convert agriculture land into organic agricultural land. The Manjeera Aqua group of companies includes Manjeera Aqua Technologies, Manjeera Aqua Solutions, Manjeera Aqua Exports, Manjeera Aqua Academy, and Manjeera Aqua Infra.

Kovilapu Sankar Rao, Managing Director
An entrepreneur since 2006, Sankar is an Ex-Naval officer from Indian Navy. He was Regional Head of Onicra Credit Rating Agency, Regional CEO for Vishal Mega mart, Partner of Balaji Associates Since 15 years. Sankar Rao created his own Insurance consulting firm – Infinian Financial Solutions and IMF LLP, specializing in insurance and investments and asset management. He has 20 years of experience in leadership, operations, marketing and sales technology development. He firmly believes in actively participating in every project is central to attracting and retaining partners and clients and this philosophy has helped him in building a strong network of business partners.